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Refugee helpers attack Austrian Chancellor: "Baby Hitler"

DRESDEN. Aid organizations have severely attacked the designated Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). The Dresden non-governmental organization "Mission Lifeline" called him "Baby Hitler" because of his rejection of private sea rescue. In the same tweet she called the 33-year-old "right-wing extremist".

Even Lifeline captain Claus-Peter Reisch thought it was too much. "I distance myself from all the incredible derailments that can be read there at Lifeline, I reject any kind of agitation and consider it to be the most harmful in the debate," he told Bild newspaper. He made it clear that the organization had not been set to sea for months.

Rackete: eco-fascist
Kurz had previously drawn attention to the negative consequences of rescue at sea. "In the end, the actions of private sea rescuers lead to more deaths," he warned. Due to the sea rescue and the direct ticket to Europe, more and more set off and therefore more and more find death. "All those who believe that they are doing something good have to admit that there is a proven increase of dead people through their actions."

The former Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete also attacked Kurz. On Twitter, she wrote: "Austria on the way to a 'green' fortress Europe? Such statements could be called eco-fascist.”. That was said in reference to the green-conservative government coalition. Sea Watch scoffed:“ In any case, sea rescue is not the core competence of the chancellor of a state without access to the sea, who wants to promote his racist foreclosure policy with the votes of his corrupt ex-government partner.”


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