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About us

PostDiscus is aimed to share a non-conformist, critical view to the narrative from the mainstream media, particularly about multiculturalism and the self-imposed collective suicide of the West by the embracement of postmodernism, the current pitfall for rationality and fodder for the left-wing ideological derangement.

It all actually started in 2015 with a group of users who participated on the English version of Deutsche Welle. In view of our uncomfortable opinions, which were aimed to expose the distortions and outrageous lies posted by the state-run German broadcaster, the answer didn't take long to arrive: first we were banned from the site several times, and then the comments section was closed with the argument of avoiding the proliferation of "hate speech".

As one of the users who commented there, I claimed in repeated occasions that "I would never shut up", so I created a channel on Disqus where I analyzed every piece of lie from Deutsche Welle. However, shortly after its creation, that channel was reported to Disqus under the excuse of intellectual property violation. Sharing links to their articles and having opinions about their content was reason enough to persecute us.

We continued to collaborate on other Disqus channels, but over time this comment platform introduced bots to manipulate the popularity of comments and at the same time hundreds of posts were deleted. For instance, our channel on mass migration in Germany mysteriously lost 269 posts without explanation, and yet the limitations to free speech were far from over. Since September 2019 Disqus closed all channels and we were once again faced with the dilemma of what to do. Shall we continue to expose our thoughts or simply shut up and let ourselves be indoctrinated by the media narrative? The task seemed ambitious, and our resources modest, but the driving force to continue has always been the same.

So here you have it, this site is our unambiguous answer to censorship, and this time we have our own space.

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