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The double standard of the left - Ramelow votes for AfD state vice

 It has been injustice in the Bundestag for months. Each party is actually entitled to a place in the Presidium - that is, the largest party usually provides the President of the Bundestag and all other parties each a Vice President of the Bundestag. However, all BT presidents and vices need a majority in the Bundestag. The problem is: Large parts of the current Bundestag consistently refuse to agree to any AfD Bundestag vice president, simply because it comes from the AfD.

So it is fundamentally a problem for all three left-wing parties to elect an AfD federal and, accordingly, a state vice-president, most probably for the left. The three parties allegedly detest the AfD so much that, in their eyes, it would not even be possible for a liberal prime minister to be elected only through the votes of the AfD, so even the passive election of the AfD can be rejected. The hatred goes so far that Ramelow, after his election in the 6th ballot (very democratic), refused to shake hands with Björn Höcke, and not because of Corona.

Nevertheless, an AfD state deputy was elected for the anonymous election in Thuringia. Michael Kaufmann received 49 of the 89 votes. The results clearly showed that there must have been some from the RRG government that at least abstained. Shortly thereafter, Ramelow reveals that he even voted for the candidate. "I neither like the party nor am I sympathetic to Prof. Kaufmann, but I respect the parliamentary rules," the MP stated as the reason. I find this view very commendable. Especially from a politician of the left, I have not seen behavior towards political opponents for so long - especially not from himself.

However, I ask myself: where was this attitude when choosing Kemmerich? Just like this decision, this was completely legitimate and complied with the law. Ramelow was actually voted out. Everyone who voted for the CDU, FDP or AfD wanted to prevent Ramelow, and that was the majority. The problem is that Ramelow didn't want to see that. But the left had an idea and began to denounce the FDP together with RRG: you couldn't let fascists vote for you. Oh - but you can vote yourself, or how? Not that I find it unfair that the AfD is allowed to serve as a deputy in the state parliament, but the left shows us how unscrupulous it is when it comes to its own power.

Obviously the real problem of the left was not that the FDP got approval from the AfD, the problem was that they did not win themselves. The left are simply bad losers. This is a real slap in the face for the FDP and to a certain extent also for the CDU. A liberal MP was already chosen, but RRG manages to mob so much that the FDP is convinced by the pressure and shoots down its own man. And now she learns that it was all a trick.

The public reactions also strangely fail to materialize. When Kemmerich was elected, FDP politicians and their families were attacked by left-wing extremists across Germany. When I walked through Hamburg the following weeks I saw everywhere how the FDP election posters "Nazi" or the like were written - if the posters still hung and were not torn off.

Now I would like to see that the poster on the left says “Nazi”. We can wait a long time for that, because the left is nothing more than the parliamentary wing of left-wing extremism and they are probably also proud of it, as has been shown in the past few days by means of a few quotations.

Ursula von der Leyen also let right-wing extremists - and in this case also recognized as such - elect her as President of the Commission. There was no great outcry there either, although the left should have as much of a problem with von der Leyen as with Kemmerich.

The left is only concerned with power and for that they mob, reinterpret democracy and support left-wing radicals, some of which even attack political opponents and threaten people like Kemmerich or Höcker from their office. I hope that this warning shot will help the other parties to see how little has really changed in the former SED.

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