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Germany: Leftist officials push to import migrants amid pandemic

As more and more Europeans die from the Chinese COVID-19 virus, leftist politicians in Germany are demanding that Berlin immediately takes in at least 1,500 migrants currently being housed on the Greek islands.

Earlier this week, during a radio interview, Dirk Behrendt of the Green party who serves as Minister of Justice and Anti-Discrimination in Berlin, argued that migrants from Greece should be moved to Berlin where they can be housed in unoccupied hotels, German weekly newspaper Junge Freheit reports.

“We have a lot of vacant hotels in Berlin that could also be used to accommodate refugees,” Behrendt said.

“We have capacities,” he added. “The fact that the people of Lesbos [Greece] live in makeshift tents in the rain and cold is unworthy of the European Union.”

German officials have been discussing importing migrants from Greece since December. Initially, the State of Berlin wanted to send a plane to pick-up the 1,500 hundred migrants in Greece but it required a federal landing permit to do so.

“If something does not happen very quickly at the federal level – and for me that is more a matter of hours than days – then Berlin is also willing to take its own steps together with civil society organizations and fly people from Lesbos,” Behrendt said.

Last week, Voice of Europe reported on similar calls made by members of the Refugee Council of Europe – a migrant NGO – to move the asylum seekers from reception facilities into private accommodations such as hotels, holiday homes, and church apartments around the country during the pandemic.

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