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Racist vs. Spacist: The Effect of the Chinese-Virus Upon Minorities

 Written by John (the other John).
This past week I was talking with a Leftist colleague of mine, and she mentioned that the disproportionate death count of minorities in the U.S. due to the Chinese-virus is evidence of a “racist” medical system. (Before I continue, just remember Aesop’s fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”; similarly, my colleague as a matter of habit labels everything she disagrees with as being “racist”). Of course I had to respond to this repetitive exclusive accusation of hers by analyzing her response with two distinct lenses:
  1. From the lens of historical plagues, and
  2. From the lens of this specific Chinese-virus globally.
First, plagues have existed throughout recorded human history. Whether the plague in:
    • ancient Egypt (see Exodus), 
    • the Antonine Plague (165-180 AD),
    • Plague of Justinian (541-542 AD), 
    • the Black Death (1346-1353),  
    • Cocoliztli epidemic (1545-1548)
    • Flu pandemic (1889-1890)
    • the Spanish Flu (1918-1920)
    • etc…
the point being that plagues are not a creation of a white-supremacist system whose intent is to wipe out black populations. Instead, plagues do not discriminate based on skin colour; they kill anyone. 
Second as to the Chinese-virus globally today, although officially the U.S. has the most deaths of any nation (please note that the official statistics from China, India, and Iran have zero credibility for veracity), the U.S. is also substantially larger than nations such as Italy, Spain, the UK, France, Belgium, etc… The significance of this is that to compare “apples to apples”, we must examine and compare the death rate of these nations; and when we do, all of the European nations I mentioned above have a higher death rate than that of the U.S. Stated differently, the U.S. has a lower death rate.

 So once I made this point to my colleague, I proceeded to dispute her accusation that this virus is racist to blacks, because if anything, elderly Northern Italians are dying at a higher rate than American blacks (as are Spaniards, French, Brits, and Belgians). 
After I said that, she was fuming. (I mean really angry). I tried to reason with the available evidence that whether it is Italians, Spanish, French, Brits, etc…, these (sorry to tell her) “white people” are dying at higher rates than are American blacks. Hence, the argument of this being a racist virus is meritless. (I did not want to tell her she is f’n nuts, so I was diplomatic here). 
Of course she pressed me as to why are NYC blacks dying so much; it must be racist she insisted. I disagreed. My theory was instead that the one common variable of all historical plagues was the lack of social distancing. In other words, people who live in densely populated areas (ex., cities) are more susceptible to plagues/viruses because of the lack of open space; whilst people who live in open spaces are less likely to be as affected by a plague. (This is evidenced by every major medical organization today promoting “social distancing”. Moreover, this is also evidenced by the fact that Los Angeles blacks are dying at a much lower rate than NYC blacks; L.A. has more open space than NYC). \

 But not only did my colleague disagree with me, she also called me a “racist” because I  had    an alternate opinion that rejected her race theory. So in response to her calling me a “racist”, I called her a “spacist” for her:

    • rejecting my position about the lack of space between people being a cause of historical plagues spreading quickly amongst the population, and 
    • for her rejecting my position that elderly Northern Italians, Spaniards, French, Brits, Belgians, etc… are dying at higher rates than American blacks because they too live in densely populated areas with minimal open space, and 
    • for her rejecting my position that the cause of NYC blacks being affected more than other people in the US (including L.A. blacks) is because of densely populated areas lacking open space.
Needless to say, she said she will never talk to me again. (Mind you, this is a weekly occurrence, so we just end up having more disputes with time).
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