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Pimpin’ Out Your Daughter: A Lesson in Diversity Politics

Written by John (the other John).

At the church my family attends, there is a very prominent family who are members of our congregation. The father was a former elected politician, who now has a highly paid government appointed job (despite the demographics of the locality becoming ever so more “diverse” [hint] and him being a honkey). His wife is a nurse, and his 5 children’s ages range from 27 to 17. When we see them at church, they look like the perfect family.

This year my daughter joined the church youth group when she was 12 years old. Like all kids, they began following each other on Instagram and TikTok. So my daughter looked up TikTok videos for the other kids, including the 17 year old daughter from the prominent family. And a surprise we had. Unlike in her church persona of being angelic, on TikTok, she was scantily dressed, shaking her oversized @$$ to rap/hiphop music with somewhat pornographic gyrations. So we were curious as to how many followers she had, and it was about 75k. So we looked up who was following her, and as we scrolled down the list it was pretty much mostly “diverse” dudes who made very explicit raunchy commentary to her moves; and her replies back to them only escalated the risqué dialogue. Then my daughter looked her up on Instagram, and the photos were predominantly of that girl and “diverse” dudes as well. (Regardless who the dudes are, whether Swedes, Brits, Aussies, or African, her acting like a ho’ on social media is what is disgraceful)...

So this was a real head-scratcher for this family at church who acts super-religious. So I further analyzed this:
  • how could it be that a clean-cut looking white guy has high paying job in a “diverse” area?
  • How could this prominent family allow their daughter to act like a skank ho’ on social media?
So there lies the possible link. Does this honkey who despite being in a “diverse” area have this high-paying government job because he is virtually pimpin’ out his daughter to the locals? The locals are pleased with the daughter aesthetically, so they naturally support the father. After all, there is nothing more that these dudes want than to stick it to whitey by f—k--g their daughters. So when the political bosses are handing out jobs, the honkey proudly displays the evidence on his CV that he fully embraces “diversity”; thereby, he fulfills the job requirements that qualify him for the job.

So for him, it is evidently well worth the glory of having a highly respected well-paid job; the price, pimpin’ out your daughter. This is truly a lesson in diversity politics in the 21st century.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy!
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