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Battered Wife White Syndrome

Written by John (the other John).

We have all heard of “battered wife syndrome”, in which the stronger partner physically and/or verbally beats down the weaker person, thereby causing the relationship to be physically and emotionally abusive. When dealing with such a person, there is no equality, and there is no compromise. The stronger person always thinks that they are right, and they must always win, and the weaker person must always humiliate themselves and surrender under threat of violence. Such a relationship is not healthy for the victims’ well-being.

Today, in the era of woke-anarchy, such a relationship is called “battered white syndrome”. We are not equal; instead we are inferior. We cannot express an opinion counter to the mob, nor can we compromise with them; instead, we must alter our view to be in agreement with the mob (under threat of physical harm). We cannot display integrity, but instead we must kneel to them and wash their feet.

This is not healthy for a democracy; but then again, democracy is dead. We are about to enter a technocracy, in which big tech is invisible yet they are everywhere (including our own bedrooms).

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