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Hamburg: Demonstration against insulting the Prophet Mohammed

Some Islamists also marched through Hamburg's city center on Friday - despite all warnings from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. CDU and AfD had called for a ban on assembly.

In spite of criticism from politics, alleged Islamists also marched through Hamburg at a demonstration on Friday under the motto “Against disrespect for our prophet Muhammad”. According to the police, up to 160 demonstrators met in the city center near the main train station on Friday afternoon. The situation is very calm, said the police.

The Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution had previously warned that Islamists would take part in the demonstration. One report said that the events surrounding the publication of Mohammed cartoons in France and the murders of Islamists had also moved members of the Islamist scene in Hamburg. “In the Salafist spectrum, the murders are expressly welcomed. Other Islamist organizations react angrily to the caricatures, but by failing to distance themselves they also express a tacit understanding of these acts," it said.

For example, a Hamburg Salafist added a battle song to a video that confessed the murderer Samuel Paty and distributed it on the Internet, saying: “We have to beat France, it is the time to humiliate them. We want to see suffering and death by the thousands.” The teacher Paty had shown cartoons of Mohammed in class to discuss freedom of expression. The Islamist Al-Azhari Institute also mobilized for the demonstration on Friday, said the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. On November 8th, the Al-Azahri Institute had already called for a demonstration under the motto "We are against discrimination and for the respect of our prophet". About 270 people took part.

Conditions for a ban were not met
The CDU had unsuccessfully called for the demonstration to be banned. The domestic political spokesman for the group, Dennis Gladiator, had cited Frankfurt, where a demonstration against caricatures in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo had been banned, and called for such a ban in Hamburg as well. "Freedom of expression and assembly are a valuable asset, but we must not allow Islamists and enemies of our constitution to abuse them for their own ends," he said. They represented a significant threat to security and order in Hamburg. "After the horrific terrorist attacks in France and Austria, taking to the streets in support of them shows all the human contempt and radicalism."

The AfD had also spoken out in favor of a ban. Criticism was expressed from the ranks of the red-green faction, but they did not speak out in favor of a ban. It is bitter, but as long as the requirements for a ban are not met, a meeting must be able to take place, it said from the SPD.

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