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Germany: while illegal migrants are offered apartments for free, the homeless are invited to live in "capsules"

On January 8, 2021, the German city of Ulm, located 120 kilometers west of Munich, reinstalled futuristic shelters nicknamed "Ulmer Nest" in parks and other strategically designed places for the homeless to use.

Wood and steel shelters provide insulation, privacy and protection against winter weather conditions such as cold, rain or snow, as well as ensuring air circulation. Also, they are equipped with solar panels and connected to a radio network that allows their occupants - a maximum of two - to communicate without depending on mobile networks.

Ulmer Nest announced on Facebook the new delivery of their shelters:

Today the two Ulm nests were set up again - unfortunately with a delay due to Covid, but just in time for the really cold nights.

We hope to be able to repeat the positive feedback from last year in order to offer a supplementary measure to the existing frost protection in Ulm in the long term.

The nests have received a few upgrades this year:

We have improved the internal thermal insulation and have taken measures to optimize the climate (less moisture + warmer air).

The nests are now equipped with solar panels, which allows (at least) energy-neutral use during the day. Further energy saving measures are in the works.

The Ulm nests are now connected to the Ulm LoRa-Wan-IoT radio network and should communicate completely over the long term in order not to be dependent on mobile networks.

The interlocking and the associated mechanisms have been completely revised and now offer everyone involved easier operation and more interaction options.

Thank you to everyone involved for your commitment and support!

With the Ulm nests, we hope to be able to offer a little security, protection and security to those who are most dependent on it in Ulm.

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