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Spain: a 20-year-old woman drugged and raped by 4 Africans

Last Tuesday, March 16, a young woman asked another woman for help on a street in the Patraix neighborhood, in Valencia. It was 11 at night and the young woman claimed that she had been gang-raped after being drugged. The woman immediately called the National Police, who took the victim to the Clinical Hospital to be treated.

In the first tests carried out on the young woman, traces of a drug were found, which would corroborate her version of events. It would also explain that the woman was stunned when asking for help and that she was not able to easily explain what had happened to her, since her memory was affected.

According to the testimony collected by Las Provincias, the young woman, who is 20 years old, would have been  detained, drugged and sexually assaulted by several North African individuals." Although the circumstances are not clear, the woman assured that they had drugged her and then abused her, although she did not remember all the details of what happened to her.

The agents of the Family and Women's Unit (UFAM) of the National Police took charge of the case and it was a police specializing in this type of crime who took the young woman's statement. From her complaint it is only known that she had been drugged, since she has temporary gaps and inaccurate data about what happened that night.

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