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Protests on May 1 in Berlin: Silence from the German media before anti-Semitic left-wing activists

Today Berliner Zeitung, whose director Holger Friedrich was a former Stasi spy (totally normal in Germany), published an article about Quartiermanagement (QM) Grunewald, the so-called "autonomous" group of left-wing activists who will go to Grunewald tomorrow as part of the protests of May 1, "to educate the villa owners about the advantages of expropriations", the newspaper wrote.

For the interview the group disguised themselves to represent the stereotypes of the rich: the woman and businessman, the capitalist dandy and ... an orthodox Jew.

Every year on May 1st, this group of clowns take the revolution to where it hurts the most: to the rich in Grunewald, the traditional Berlin villa district. Of course, they refused to give their real names and say what their professions are. Is it because what they plan to do tomorrow is illegal?

In Germany you are considered a racist if you wear any representative costume of another culture during carnival or Halloween, but here we are, in the presence of an anti-Semitic clown, something very widespread among the left-wing activists and yet no uproar from German journalists. 

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