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Knife attack in Würzburg: A scary wake-up call

Written by Michael Paulwitz for Junge Freiheit.

Three people dead. Numerous others seriously injured, some critically injured. Massacred by a rejected asylum seeker from Somalia who has lived in Germany for six years and, armed with a long knife, left a terrible trail of blood through the streets of a town in Bavaria on this sunny Friday afternoon.

The bloody deed in Würzburg is a gruesome wake-up call. In the midst of all the mendacious hymns of praise that accompanied Angela Merkel's agonizing long farewell to government, she brutally recalled that the euro debt union, the energy turnaround disaster and the coronavirus clear-cut are not all monstrous mortgages that this Chancellor has given our country leaves behind.

The killer came to Germany in 2015, apparently in the wake of Merkel's welcome coup when control of the country's borders was given up. Although rejected as an asylum seeker and known to the police as a violent perpetrator, he did not have to leave Germany again. If the state had acted according to the law, had not allowed this man into the country in the first place or had been deported immediately after crossing the border illegally, three people could still be alive and countless others would have been spared immeasurable suffering.

"Psychological problems" should serve as a motive
The victims and their families are welcome to forego the hypocritical expressions of sympathy from politicians, who still approve of the rule of injustice in German migration policy to this day. Again, double standards are used. Where is the call to name the victims and not to be forgotten, where is the demand to clearly name those responsible?

The stabber, the media and authorities never tire of emphasizing, had "psychological problems" and was "in psychiatric treatment". It is the standard relativization when the perpetrator and victim do not fit into the desired scheme and what happened cannot be kept under the covers.

It should sound like a justification, but it isn't. It is a practiced reflex from Merkel's time to raise state failure and its consequences to the level of supposedly fateful force majeure. No country in the world is forced to permanently take in, care for and treat the "mentally disturbed" people from foreign cultures. Especially when “mental disorder” becomes the code for Islamic fanaticism. A striking number of “mentally disturbed people” shout “Allahu akbar” when they commit their murderous acts.

The routine silence of politics and the media is shameful
The dead and injured in Würzburg are not the first and will not be the last with whom the citizens of this country pay for the continuing state failure of illegal mass immigration. Not even in Würzburg, where five years ago a young Afghan raged with an ax and knife on a regional train.

Sadness, horror, and compassion are private emotions. According to politicians, they are cheap and sound like mockery, if at the same time responsibility is shifted and neither insight into errors nor correction of errors follow as consequences. The routine silence on this in the established political and media choir in the midst of a flood of pre-cut phrases is as telling as it is shameful.

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