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Atlanta woman was stabbed 50 times and had ‘FAT’ carved into her body: autopsy

Janness’ girlfriend, Emma Clark, had located the bodies using a cellphone tracking app when her partner failed to come home from walking their dog, Clark’s father, Terrell, previously told the AJC.


Terrell Clark on Friday told WSB-TV that the autopsy makes it “more important than ever that the search for her killer be a top priority” for local police and the FBI.


“The report is extremely heartbreaking to read and know the exact nature of what Katie endured in her final moments on this Earth,” he wrote in a statement.



“Whoever is responsible is very disturbed and remains a danger to everyone’s safety. Please be vigilant and aware of your surroundings for we would hate for any family to be put through this nightmare.”


No arrests or possible suspects have been identified, the AJC said.


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms previously ruled out rumors it might be the work of a serial killer, and also stressed that there was no suggestion it had been a hate crime.


Katherine Janness had at least 15 cuts to her head.
AP Photo/R.J. Rico


“This does not fit the description of anything that we’ve seen,” Bottoms said, according to the local paper.


Clark called Janness “the love of my life” and their dog, Bowie, “the sweetest most loyal companion” in a fundraiser that collected nearly $80,000 after the murders.


Janness “was the most intelligent, kind, humble, and beautiful person I have ever known. I wanted to spend every second with her,” Clark wrote.


“My heart is so very broken, my world will never be the same.”



Source: New York Post 

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