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Racism: Zurich removes the word “Mohr” from house facades

Zurich - The city of Zurich has announced that it will obscure the word "Mohr" on several house facades in the old town.

Historically (Old and Middle High German) the term initially referred to the Moors as inhabitants of ancient and medieval North Africa; as early as the Middle Ages, however, people with dark skin color also generalized, from the 16th century increasingly in this expanded meaning.

“It is clear to the city council: Racism must not be tolerated. That is why he would like to have the inscriptions covered,” said the Zurich city parliament on Friday.

The “M-Word”, as the panel put it, has a “racist effect” today, regardless of the purpose for which it was used in the past. First of all, two municipal buildings are affected, on which the inscriptions "Zum Mohrenkopf" (to the Moor head) and "Zum Mohrentanz" (to the Moor dance) can be read. These should disappear and instead boards with explanatory texts should be attached. The building application for this purpose had already been submitted.

Encouragement to private owners
In the case of two privately owned buildings, the city also wants to take action against the alleged racism on house facades. It is true that it cannot force anyone to cover up allegedly discriminatory representations. "However, the city would like to encourage the private owners to catch up with the city's approach and is in contact with them for this purpose."

The romanticized image of a black child with the inscription “Zum kleine Mohren” can be seen on one of the disputed walls. In addition, the city council wants to replace several plaques in which the word "Mohr" is used.

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