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Germany: The virologist Christian Drosten bullied during vacation

Mecklenburg Lake District - The virologist Christian Drosten, who is highly regarded by politicians and the media, had to experience during his family vacation that he was not as popular everywhere as in the capital. Permanent residents of a campsite in the Mecklenburg Lake District, where the 50-year-old wanted to relax, are said to have insulted the government adviser. Eventually he called the police and left.

According to information from the regional news portal Wir sind Müritzer, three permanent campers are said to have permanently insulted Drosten. Two women and one man have described the scientist as a "mass murderer" and "transhumanist", among other things. They also accused Drosten of having "children on his conscience".

According to the news portal, the police have confirmed the incidents. "In the end, Drosten didn't know what else to do, called the police and filed a complaint for defamation," it said. Officials have launched an investigation.

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