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Radio Genoa doxxed by left wing media on Dutch TV

@RadioGenoa is an X account that has long been sharing videos and news critical of Europe's failed multicultural and immigration policy.

The posts have attracted the attention of politicians and journalists around the world, since what is shown there is very different from what we commonly see through the media allied to the political elites that are destroying Europe.

Antonio Mastantuono, the man behind RadioGenoa, was doxxed by left-wing media on Dutch TV in May. Since then, many left-wing activists have filed false police reports about him to try to obscure their complaints about illegal migrants in Europe. The investigation concerns a Telegram channel with which Antonio has no connection. Someone created the Telegram channel and simply used similar branding to get away with it. He is accused of racism and Nazism, which he does not do on his X account.

His lawyers looked into the case and told him they are just trying to intimidate @RadioGenova
 to stop sharing videos on X related to the invasion of illegal migrants in Europe.

This is what Mastantuono wrote on GoFundMe:

"On June 13th at 7 am, the Carabinieri from the Anti-Crime Unit of Rome entered with a warrant from the Rome Prosecutor's Office to search my home and seize my PC and iPad Pro that I was using for work. They also seized my phone card and also my X RadioGenoa account and my Google account. The passwords have been changed by the Carabirinieri and at the moment I do not have the credentials to access them.
For this reason I have been silent on X for two weeks. At the moment I cannot say anything else because the investigations are still ongoing. Their goal is to censor and limit freedom of expression and speech.

If there is a surplus at the end of the process the money will be donated to charity. Thanks for the support."

Here is the link to the GoFund me page:

Sources: Twitter/GoFundMeGoFundMe

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