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Oliver Moody, more of an activist than a journalist at Deutsche Welle

Sports journalist Oliver Moody is a clear example of the type of journalists who work for Deutsche Welle. Pseudo-professionals with a basic understanding of the political and social issues that shape our communities and with that aberrant tendency in the promotion of hatred, division and even the implicit support of racism, in this case against whites.

He, like other journalists from the state-run German broadcaster, has fallen into the ideological bigotry of the far-left. Let's be clear, his salary comes from German taxpayers, so what right does this individual have to treat disparagingly a part of the population that feeds him? Why should the German state pay the salary of a journalist whose public opinions are a clear example of disrespect and justification of violence?

Here we have Moody justifying and actually inciting the use of violence against those who have different political opinions.
However, let's go back in time, to the old days in 2016 where Oliver was calling for rationality and not the outrageous accusations we all live with now:

Later he was terrified to see the existence of people who identified themselves as right-wingers, equating them with racists and xenophobes as if those were the defining characteristics of conservatism. With that, the intolerance of his political ideology is clear. For Moody there is only one way of thinking, to the right of the left he only finds the abnormal, the enemy.

Back to more recent times again, here we find him in 2018 with the anti-white speech. Angry at Hoeneß, the president of German football club Bayern Munich because of his criticism towards Mesut Özill, who at that time showed allegiance to Turkish president Recep Erdoğan.

The interesting part of his statement is when he affirms that "this just just what they do". Who are "they"? White people? Old white males? How do we allow the current state of derangement by which racism is given a green light? Why does Deutsche Welle keep these racist, supporters of violence as journalists?

Little one should expect from sports journalists delving into political opinions, and probably this is partly the reason, let aside his immature reasoning, why Moody couldn't get things straight.

In May 2018 Mesut Özill met Turkish president Erdoğan who has been accused of human rights abuses and has also been outspoken about German politics. He later accused many of racism because of the criticism received after that meeting and his performance during the World Cup.“For me, having a picture with President Erdoğan wasn’t about politics or elections, it was about me respecting the highest office of my family’s country,” wrote Özill on his Twitter account, but he actually tweeted an image next to Erdoğan with the following message "With great respect for my president."

However, here Mr. Moody was only concerned about the opinions of entitled, rich old white men, AfD and racism, while a famous soccer player who also happened to be entitled, rich and male was showing support to an authoritarian leader with a long record of human rights violations, including censorship, ideological persecution, crimes against minority groups, corruption, anti-Semitism, misogyny and meddling of domestic affairs in Germany through Ditib (the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) and implicit support to Islamic State in Syria.

"We need a huge response in Germany backing him [Özill]" was the wish of Mr. Moody.

He didn't call for the support to the victims of Erdoğan. In fact, not a single mention to the Turkish president, not even when other journalists were persecuted and arrested in that country.

Before finishing this article I was thinking that might be useful to share the list of the 231 journalists detained in Turkey since July 2016. Maybe this will shed some light and Mr. Moody will be able to distinguish the difference between people who criticize or have different opinions, and undemocratic, authoritarians supporters of terrorism that we all oppose: List of arrested journalists in Turkey

See also: Image and perception of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Wikipedia)

Note: all images taken from Oliver Moody's public profiles on Facebook and Twitter.
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