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A new wave of refugees? Croatia brings 1,800 policemen from retirement to protect the borders

The news that a new refugee crisis is imminent piling up. Several hints were added on Friday and the coverage in Germany is limited.

Turkish ministers have stated that the refugee deal with the EU would be basically obsolete. The reasons are explained quickly:

In 2016, Brussels and Ankara closed the refugee deal. In it, Turkey has committed to close its borders with the EU for refugees and to take back those who still make it to Greece but are not entitled to asylum. Turkey has done its part, the flow of refugees has largely dried up.

In return, the EU has pledged billions to Turkey to cover the costs of housing the refugees and has promised Turkey travel facilities, ie the abolition of visa requirements for Turks.

However, the EU has never waived the visa requirement and has not even paid the full, promised sum. The EU is completely in breach of contract . In addition, the EU is threatening Turkey with sanctions over a gas dispute in the vicinity of Cyprus, a very bad time for a new dispute with Turkey.

Despite this has been discussed by foreign media, the German media have kept it out of public debate. The reason may have been in the elections in Saxony and Brandenburg where right-wing party Alternative for Germany (AfD) obtained significant support. It seems that the media would like to conceal it at least until the Thuringia elections on October 27th, in order to avoid further wins for AfD.

On Friday came the news from Croatia that the country "because of the migration crisis" wants to bring back 1,800 retired policemen to active service. That would be ten percent more police for Croatia, which currently has about 18,000 police officers. Above all, the borders to Bosnia should be protected more strictly with the additional police officers. That would be the same Balkan route again, as it was in 2015. It is not clear whether there are already an increased number of refugees there, Croatian media only report a general increase since the end of 2018.

But apparently the reports are growing so much that on Friday, Die Welt has reported on the "threats" of Erdoğan to "let migrants to Europe". But as you would expect, Die Welt has kept the truth behind. There one can only read that Erdoğan "threatens to let migrants to Europe", because he wants to have more money from the EU. However, there is no word from Die Welt about the non-fulfillment of its contractual obligations by the EU and also no word about possible EU sanctions against Turkey.

The German reader should know nothing of these things. I just pointed that out two days ago to an article in Der Spiegel, which was such a clever piece of propaganda and disinformation that it belongs in a textbook. There, all psychological tricks were used to influence the reader, which one can only imagine and which I have pointed out in an analysis step by step.

The media is desperately trying to hide the topic from the German public, but at the same time preparing it with targeted articles on the "impudence" of Turkey, while systematically concealing the responsibility of the EU. In case a new wave of refugees takes place, they will certainly shoot from all sides to Turkey and Erdoğan while putting the EU away from any responsibility.

"Neue Flüchtlingswelle? Kroatien holt 1.800 Polizisten zur Grenzsicherung aus dem Ruhestand (Die Unbestechlichen, 10-09-2019)

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