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German Health Minister looking for Mexican nurses

It seems that the more than two million refugees who came since 2015 have not provided the country with enough health care professionals. So, Germany goes out to look for more migrants.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to recruit nurses in Mexico, to curb the shortage of staff. The minister will travel to the Latin American country in September to finalize a letter of intent to recruit professionals, his spokesman Hanno Kautz told AFP. The aim is to cooperate with trainers from the six major nursing schools in the state.

In Mexico, the young population structure, the willingness of the government to cooperate and the cultural proximity of the Catholic state are considered as good prerequisites for a recruitment of skilled workers.

In this context, it is demonstrated once again that in four years since the refugee crisis, the newcomers who were expected to be professionals, engineers, teachers, among other professions have not improved the conditions of the healthcare market, and the results of job training have not been as expected.

Spahn's second recruitment journey
Previously, Bild newspaper from last Tuesday had reported on Spahn's travel plans to Mexico. Spahn had traveled to Kosovo in July to recruit nurses there, and the Parliamentary State Secretary Sabine Weiss (CDU) later stayed throughout the month of August in the Philippines for this purpose.

"Jens Spahn wirbt um Pflegekräfte aus Mexiko" (, 03-09-2019)
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