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Interview with Douglas Murray about his book "The Madness of Crowds"

In his new book, Douglas Murray traces the emergence of a new universal ideology. It is supported by the groups of ever more extreme identity politics that have set out to destroy the social fabric.

In the spring of last year, English journalist and writer Douglas Murray released the bestseller The Strange Death of Europe. In it, he addressed the question of why Western European countries willingly submit to Islamic conquest and why they are about to give up their two-thousand-year-old culture without resistance. His new book, Madness of the Crowds, can certainly be regarded as a continuation of the first book.

This time Murray investigates the extreme and now violent forms of feminism, gay movement and movements against racial discrimination that can be understood as symptoms of the same disease that has led to the death of Western culture nations.

"Bestseller-Autor Douglas Murray über den Wahnsinn der Massen" (Tichys Einblick, 22-09-2019)

Photo: Bloomsbury Continuum.

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