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Romanian Orthodox Bishop Beaten and Hospitalized by Ukrainians, his House also Burned Down


Metropolitan (Bishop) Longhin Jar of the Bănceni Monastery in the Chernivtsi region faced a life-threatening assault on January 22, 2024, an incident that recently came to public attention. The Romanian priest, now in the process of recovering from the traumatic attack, addressed his followers, emphasizing the importance of unwavering faith during trying times and urging them not to be swayed by misinformation.


Recounting the horrifying night of the incident, Metropolitan Longhin Jar shared, “This happened on the night of January 22, 24. They knocked on the door three times, and when I opened it, I received a blow from which I lost consciousness.” The assault was severe enough to necessitate surgery, but the priest expressed gratitude for divine intervention, stating, “Everything remains at the mercy and judgment of God!” Despite the challenges to his health, he reassured his followers, saying, “Now I feel good!”


Amid the recovery process, Metropolitan Longhin Jar sought to address the alternative narrative presented by Ruslan Zaparaniuk, the governor of the Chernivtsi region, who claimed that the priest fell twice, leading to his hospitalization. The discrepancy in accounts highlights the complexity of the situation and the need for clarity amid conflicting reports.


Metropolitan Longhin Jar has been a focal point for Ukrainian authorities due to his vocal condemnation of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime. The priest faced scrutiny when Security Forces of Ukraine (SBU) conducted a contentious “verification” at the Bănceni Monastery in November 2023, drawing strong criticism from Metropolitan Longhin Jar. The heightened pressure on the priest led to heart surgery in December 2023 following a stroke, adding another layer to his tribulations.


In a distressing turn of events, Metropolitan Longhin Jar’s residence was set on fire on January 2, 2024. While Ukrainian authorities refrained from confirming the arson hypothesis, the roof of the residence was engulfed in flames without causing harm to the priest. The unsettling incident raises questions about the priest’s safety and the context of the attack.


Metropolitan Longhin Jar’s legal ordeal further complicates his situation. Accused by Ukrainian authorities of violating the equality of citizens based on religious beliefs, the hierarch faced charges of inciting religious hatred. The allegations stemmed from purported offensive remarks made during religious services. Expressing ignorance about the grounds for the accusation, the metropolitan underscored his commitment to serving “his Church” and “his God.”


Earlier this year, on January 2, 2024, the priest’s house was set on fire, but Ukrainian authorities have not confirmed this hypothesis. It is certain that the roof of the residence of Metropolitan Longhin Jar was consumed by the flames, without him having suffered any injury



 Tragically, the legal support for Metropolitan Longhin Jar faced challenges and tragedies. One of his lawyers, Valentin Suhar, passed away under mysterious circumstances, prompting ongoing investigations. The funeral service raised concerns as the cause of death was attributed to poisoning, a diagnosis made by doctors. Another lawyer faced arrest and imprisonment for four years, adding another layer of adversity to the priest’s plight.


Metropolitan Longhin Jar, also known as Mihail Jar, remains a resilient figure renowned for his extensive philanthropic work. As the founder of the Bănceni Monastery, he adopted over 30 children and provided guardianship for more than 300 others. His broad spectrum of charity activities, including caring for orphans, housing refugees, and aiding the needy, earned him the Hero of Ukraine award in 2008. Despite facing myriad challenges and adversities, Metropolitan Longhin Jar continues to stand as an enduring figure of resilience, unwavering faith, and commitment to his faith and community.


Source:  EuroTimes

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