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Nature's Law: the Left prevails

Written by John (the other John).

Nature’s Law
When it comes to principles, I have to give kudos to the Left for being victorious with the
principle that has existed since the beginning of the earth. This principle has existed from the time of
the dinosaurs, to the cave men, to Neanderthals, to the human species and animals (and everything in
between). This godless principle is “The Law of the Jungle”; kill or be killed; guilt-free theft, rape,
pillage, murder; all without consequence or remorse. With this principle, if a being chooses to be
honourable and to not steal and/or not kill, the result is that they will die of starvation OR they will be
killed by another life form. There was no other means of survival; period (other than being the mate or child of a superior killer/thief). But as I discuss below, this godless principle found an adversary with a new principle written by God about 3,600 years ago, for which this ensuing battle has been fought throughout these millennia, which peaked to demonic violent proportions in the first half of the 20th century, and then afterwards it peaked to demonic cerebral proportions thereafter.

Ethics and Morality
One of the earliest events in history in which The Law of the Jungle was forbidden was in Jewish
ideology when our Lord stated in the Sixth Commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill”. Whether this
Commandment was intended only for Jews upon fellow Jews, or whether it was intended for all of
humanity upon all of humanity, nevertheless, it was a principle that made human life paramount,
countering the Law of the Jungle. Then later came Christianity which stated firmly that all of humanity shall “Love thy Neighbor” (Matthew 22:39) and “Turn the Other Cheek” (Matthew 5:39), with the consequence of sinning being eternal damnation in the afterlife (John 5:29); with this Word of God, it mandated morality and ethics upon all of humanity, subject to eternal punishment in the afterlife for any violation (which is intended to keep people in-check). So in essence, the Judeo-Christian ideology created by God and Jesus forbade the Law of the Jungle (though individuals from both of these faiths have historically violated the word of God).

But of course the Law of the Jungle was still the global rule, as it had billions of years of
precedent (mildly modified with domestic laws enacted by the rulers for the purpose of ensuring
stability to maintain their powers, which can better be labeled as ”The Law of the King of the Jungle”), whilst “Love thy Neighbor” and “Turn the Other Cheek” were still the global exception throughout history. And thus intensified the ideological battle between the two conflicting ideologies for the next two millennia of good versus evil (with each side believing that they are good, and the other being evil; and that each had a duty to defeat the other [as opposed to defeating them out of hate for most of this time]).

Expansion of Christianity in Ancient Rome
When ancient Rome mandated that Christianity be the official religion throughout its Empire in
Europe, it gained enough popularity that it remained the official religion in Europe long after Rome fell. Granted, the monarchs and nobles of Europe were generally pragmatic and quite unholy, but the teachings of Christ were gaining momentum with the populace. (Still, The Law of the Jungle remained dominant).

When the Koran was written, it was rather “fluid” with these two conflicting principles in that it
somewhat followed “Love thy Neighbor” for fellow like-Muslims (whether fellow-Shia or fellow-Sunni), but it was Law of the Jungle for all other groups globally, and within Islam itself for dissimilar Muslim groups.

Expansion of Christianity with Colonialism
The Law of the Jungle remained the dominant ideology/dogma throughout history, with the
sword being the most powerful and influential tool. But with western colonialism, Christianity expanded its sphere globally (albeit, in a sinful manner; but with the non-ethical people came also the holy people who followed). So at this time, the Christian world had its territories, and the non-Christian world had its territories (with conflict and war occurring on a regular basis between the two sides). But where the Christian world became dominant was with the Industrial Revolution (and thus superior weaponry), in which the non-Christian world was relatively absent in this competition.

Ideology of the Envious
But despite this economic growth and opportunity for the average person in Christian nations to
flourish, there was a segment of the domestic population who was lazy/envious/thuggish/hateful/etc… who wanted the wealth without actually working for it. But these negative traits (although the norm in The Law of the Jungle), were limited to only the wretched under Christian ethics; thus the wretched needed a philosophical justification to uncork their inner demons to defeat Christianity. Ironically, this devilish demand received its supply from a most unsavory person. The first such philosopher that caught traction for the average thief/thug/murderer/envious/lazy person/etc… was Karl Marx (whose works include “The Communist Manifesto” and “On the Jewish Question”). This ideology called “Socialism” (also known as “International Socialism”) justified the theft and murder of any and all successful people; and it found a willing audience amongst thieves/thugs/murderers/envious/lazy
people/wretched/perverts/etc… to be participants in this movement.

The average person was enticed with “workers of the world unite” by having a benevolent
dictator control their destiny, (but fate had it that the leaders did not reciprocate with kindness, as the
leaders viewed the very same followers who comprised its citizen-army as being “useful idiots”). But
what was unique about Socialism is that it did not call for the theft and murder of successful people out of “duty”, but rather out of “envy” and “hate”. This kleptocracy’s/killocracy’s high-point/low-point culminated with the Red Holocaust, which resulted in the murder of an estimated 100 million people globally. International Socialism’s young-sibling-rival’s ideology called National Socialism resulted in the murder of tens of millions of people, which also attracted thieves/thugs/murderers/envious/lazy people to be participants in this movement. (Not since the genocides in India from the 12 th century to the 16 th century, and the genocides of Genghis Khan, has the Law of the Jungle produced so much mayhem upon humans).

Once WWII ended (and with it ended National Socialism), international laws under the spirit of
“Love Thy Neighbor” were passed that outlawed national acts of aggression (though its success is
questionable). So with this discrediting of the outright military attack of nations, the Law of the Jungle was diminished (or perhaps the military-superiority of the United States kept them in-check, as opposed to “Love Thy Neighbor”). As such, thieves/thugs/murderers/envious/lazy people who relied on the philosophical justifications from International Socialism to hate the ethics of Christianity had to be creative with modernizing the Law of the Jungle so they could steal from their victims (i.e., in their delusional minds, to take back what rightfully belonged to them).

Deception by Cultural Marxists
In response to this demand by the dregs of society, Cultural Marxists from the Frankfurt School
came to the U.S. to teach at top Universities, in which the ultimate goal was grand-scale theft. But how to achieve that Himalayan-like goal? Simple, a multi-decade (perhaps a century) effort to educate (a/k/a brainwash/hypnotize/ indoctrinate) the youth who as adults will voluntarily give other people’s wealth to International Socialists. But why would the citizens of a Judeo-Christian nation voluntarily give up the wealth that they worked so hard to earn? And under what method from the Law of the Jungle could they apply towards this most devious of plots against a citizenry who follow the most ethical of ideologies? Easy, convert our ethics and morality (our biggest strength) into our weakness. And how can this be done? Easy, deceive the good ethical and honourable Christian populace to believe that they are bad; and as good people, they cannot bear the thought of being labeled unethical and immoral, so they will fall prey to the deceivers (pretending to be “victims” OR representing the interests of “victims”) by giving into any and all of their demands (regardless how illogical and extortionate the demands may be).1 And there began the transition from warring on the battlefield to warring within our own minds with propaganda (from the classroom and with the media).

If You Throw Enough Small Pebbles, You Can Knock Down a Giant
Through the last six decades, this abuse has been accomplished by the continuous rapid-fire-like
labeling of the good Christians with bully-like names such as: hateful, bigots, racists, Islamophobes,
Nazis, xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, climate-change deniers, etc…; whilst the immoral
Socialist deceivers convince the moral Christians that the deceivers are the moral one’s with their bogus virtue-signaling and finger-pointing. And what better source to use in the deception of Christians than to cite to the Biblical verse stating that the children get punished for the “sins of the father” (Deuteronomy 5:9).2 And as moral and ethical people who could not bear to hear these accusations (regardless how illogical and false these allegations may be), they succumb to this extortion and allow duress-driven money transfers (i.e., government programs, legislation allowing lawsuits against themselves for bogus offenses, etc…) AND a population-swap (ex., trafficking of millions of low-skilled low-educated highly fertile foreigners who can give birth on-demand and who require government benefits [taxpayer money], whilst encouraging the local Western population to have abortions on-demand AND/OR to become gay [and thus not give birth]).

False Concern
And truth be known, the deceivers actually have no care or concern for Africans, for gays, for
women, for Muslims, for the climate, etc…); it is entirely a farce and a money-grab. For example when it comes to Africans, the Socialists have sought taxpayer money transfers and reparations for today’s African-Americans due to the slavery imposed upon the approximate 388,000 Africans trafficked from Africa to modern day U.S hundreds of years ago.3 The Socialist deceivers also refer to the post-slavery discrimination and violence committed by the KKK upon Africans. But what the Socialists failed to mention is that it was their own Democratic Party that allowed slavery in the US, and it was their own Democratic Party that had the KKK as their private militia to commit violence upon African-Americans. But with a bait and switch, the Socialists falsely convinced the ethical Christians that it was them who had the slaves (despite it actually being that the Christians were the first people in the history of planet earth to abolish slavery).

Furthermore, if the deceiving International Socialists truly cared about African people, then their
gang-like shakedown of money would also be attempted upon the Spanish (that is, Mexico, Central and South American) and Caribbean nations for the nearly 9.5 million trafficked Africans to their lands, and to the nearly 60-80 million Africans trafficked and killed in the Arabic Slave Trades, and against the African leaders who sold African people into slavery. (Never mind the millions of Europeans trafficked into slavery into North Africa and the Middle East). But the International Socialists do not attempt any extortion attempts against the Spanish or the wealthy Muslim nations because their ethics/morals reject the principle of “the sins of the father”, thus this lack of guilt and remorse shields them from succumbing to these bogus/illogical gangland-like shakedowns.4 Therefore, they do not attempt it with them. So in essence, the Socialists’ virtue-signaling only points to those where the deception allows their trade to flourish.

The same analysis can also be applied to the below groups which the International Socialists
have no care for:
  • women (for the secondary status given to them in the Koran, and lack of human rights in non-Western nations),
  • gays (by most non-Western nations),
  • Muslims (persecution of Kurds and Yazidis by fellow Muslims, or the persecution of Uighur Muslims by Chinese Communists),
  • Christians (the most persecuted ethnic group in the Middle East and Near East),
  • children (aborting millions of babies, and encouraging the dangerous trafficking of kids for thousands of miles into western nations just to gain new future voters, etc…),
  • Holocaust survivors (giving near holy-status to a N@z! collaborator who assisted in the theft of Jews in Hungary prior to their murder; having near no care for millions of Poles killed in the Holocaust),
  • non-Holocaust genocide victims (no concern for victims of Holodomor, nor other victims of Red Holocaust, nor victims of the African genocides, etc…),
  • theoretical future climate victims (Leftist elites flying private jet planes that pollute the air; Obama buying a $15 million beachfront mansion [evidencing that he has no concern of rising ocean tides], etc…),
  • Europeans and Americans (flooding these nations with low-skilled low-educated highly-fertile needy people who will bankrupt our budgets), and
  • slaves (there are an estimated 40 million people enslaved today in 2019; many are employed by multi-national corporations in slave-like conditions who are in the favor and good-graces with the Left due to them promoting bogus “social justice” initiatives [which really means that they are padding the wallets of local agitators to say nice things about such corporations]).
Shrewd Criminals
But since the Socialists cannot extort from the Spanish, Muslims, Chinese, African leaders, etc…
for the mistreatment of people, the Socialists thus do not attempt it upon them. To the contrary, the
International Socialists praise these groups of people (who would otherwise be condemned if Christian morality and ethics were applied). But even this praise by the International Socialists is not out of love, but rather they are just keeping the path open for present/future opportunism (like Satan himself
slithering around looking for a soul to steal).

So as we witnessed from the beginning of time to the present, the guilt-free lawless lifestyle of
the godless emboldens them to steal, kill, deceive, etc… without hesitation just to satisfy their most
basic selfish desires, without fear of any consequence in the present or in the afterlife. Simultaneously, Christians living with the concept of “Turn the other Cheek” and fearing eternal damnation in the afterlife for sinning, results in them avoiding even defending themselves (despite the Biblical verse that states that a person is not held accountable for the sins of others who came before us [Deuteronomy 24:16]). The result of which has been that the innocent who live with feelings of guilt and remorse have been inviting verbal abuse upon themselves.

So whether we are talking about a dinosaur, a Neanderthal, an animal, a rodent, a reptile, etc…
or a human (whether an atheist OR a one believing in a false-god who mandates violence/theft/lying/rape/slavery/etc…), the Law of the Jungle has been the law for the overwhelming
majority of life-beings in the history of earth. Only in the last 3,600 years did the concept of a divine
God who gave us written laws become a new principle to live by. But despite the growth of the
ethical/moral word of the Judeo-Christian God and of Jesus Christ, the evil of nature’s Law of the Jungle has never vanished from the minds of the depraved. Throughout history, many different groups of people have fallen in this category, but since the mid 19 th century to the present, the group who mastered the Jungle is not connected by DNA nor ethnicity, but rather connected by the mind. This group will steal, lie, deceive, rape, kill, etc…without restraint; this group is the Left: Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Democrats. And they are winning the war!!!

1 This is akin to battered-spouse syndrome, in which the abuser convinces the abused that the abused is to blame for the abuse they suffer.
2 Ex., blaming today’s Brits for Colonialism hundreds of years ago; blaming today’s Germans for the evil of those from the 1930’s and 1940’s; blaming 100% of white-Americans today for the 1% of the U.S. population (4% of the Southern population) in the 1860’s who owned slaves.
3 This resulted in millions more people being enslaved thru birth, in an institution that ended in 1865.
4 Plus, these groups do not believe in “Turn the Other Cheek”, so the Socialists know that these other groups will mercilessly retaliate against the deceivers for their bogus accusations.

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