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Germany: Large-scale anti-terror operation because op terrorist financing

Special police units in Germany were conducting large-scale raids on suspected terror cells in the northern region of the country.

At least ten different properties were raided in the German city of Hamburg, while residents in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein were also visited by the police, Bild reports.

The raids are said to have been carried out as a part of a larger investigation concerning individuals who made large money transfers to terrorist groups in Syria. German prosecutors have said that hundreds of thousands of euros were sent to Islamic militants. Where the money originally came from is currently not known.

The suspects whose homes were raided are believed to be linked to the Islamist terrorist organization Islamic State. In total, authorities are investigating 11 different people who are believed to be involved in financing terrorist operations, Deutsche Welle reports.

During the raids, two men, aged 34 and 37 were arrested.
Although German authorities have refrained from officially confirming these reports, chief prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt said that ‘we are considering […] whether there is a suspicion of terrorist financing.’

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