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ZDF's docudrama about Merkel is an embarrasing government propaganda

A docudrama about Angela Merkel's decision to open the borders in 2015 turned out to be nothing but a piece of government propaganda.

It seems that the spirit of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will is more alive than ever these days. Back then, in 1934 that documentary portrayed the image of Adolf Hitler as an undisputed German leader brought to glory by the nation. The work was immediately identified as one of the best examples of propaganda in the history of cinema.

85 years later, Germans keep falling prey to state propaganda. From documentaries where history is twisted to fit today's narrative of "diversity" and "inclusion", to news outlets simply ignoring certain events or magnifying others of little relevance. However, the impact of recent works gives rise to criticism rather than admiration, while quality and artistic value leave much to be desired. Today, unlike the past, the driving force has another origin.

Since 2015 when Angela Merkel unleashed the worst immigration crisis in decades, Germans saw the possibility of getting rid of their historical guilt and showing the world how much empathy they have, even to the point of leading the whole society to collective suicide. The consequences don't matter, morality has been hijacked by Germans and they will scrub it to the rest of Europe during the following years.

Since then, and despite contradictory statistics full of tricks to paint a less depressing reality, the truth is discouraging: the big cities are less safe. London is sunk in a wave of knife attacks, Sweden is the country of rapes, France and Germany are full of Islamic extremists and most of the migrants who entered as refugees do not contribute to society. Anti-Semitism has grown, in the same way as sexual and homophobic attacks. Something changed and it's not the Europeans.

Due to the state of denial in which we live, Germans should be reminded who are the good guys in history and who are the enemies. This is where the role of the German media comes in.

On September 4, public television broadcaster ZDF aired "Hours of Decision. Angela Merkel and the Refugees", a so-called docudrama about the refugee crisis and the role of Angela Merkela. As expected, coming from a German mainstream media, it turned out to be an embarrassing piece of government propaganda where not only facts were distorted, but lies were fabricated by the use of alleged "conversations" for which we have no evidence.

In the documentary Merkel appears as an almost warm-hearted empathetic leader, while the rest seems to be more rational, tough and therefore less humane. As for refugees, they are shown with a sad frown and full of dreams, blocked by some evil leader in the Balkans.

The glorification of Merkel as a European leader and savior of refugees is accompanied by one-sided comments from witnesses such as ex-Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) or political advisor Gerald Knaus who had the nerve to claim that "she has saved the soul of Europe".  Only former president of the Federal Intelligence Service Gerhard Schindler had a critical opinion by saying that "the others did the work for us and built the fences" in reference to Merkel's opponent and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The evil leader in the docudrama.

Another piece of propaganda and counting. Another one made with taxpayers' money.

"Stunden der Entscheidung: Angela Merkel und die Flüchtlinge" (ZDF, 04-09-2019)
"Eine Huldigung an die Kanzlerin" (Bild, 04-09-2019)
"Der ungarische Botschafter zum Wahrheitsgehalt des Merkel-Dokudramas" (Achse des Guten, 05-09-2019).

Photos: ZDF and Hans-Joachim-Pfeiffer.

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