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Fascists with good manners: Germany wants to punish denigration of the EU.

So far, one can slander the EU and its symbols with impunity. The Federal Council wants to change that and has passed a bill from Saxony.

The Bundesrat (Germany's Federal Council), wants to criminalize the denigration of the European Union and its symbols. A corresponding bill from Saxony was sent on September 27th to Berlin. According to the current legal situation, the symbols of Germany and the rest of the countries are protected by criminal law, but not those of the EU. The bill now comes in the Bundestag. It's not clear when it will be voted on.

Specifically, the initiative from Saxony is about the introduction of a new paragraph 90 c in the Criminal Code (StGB). § 90a of the Criminal Code already provides for the defamation of the state and its symbols, and § 90b StGB for the anti-constitutional defamation of constitutional organs.

The bill proposes imprisonment of up to three years or a fine.

Protecting our "values"?
Saxony's Minister of Justice Sebastian Gemkow (CDU) said: "The values ​​on which the European Union is founded are respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights." We do not allow these values to be denigrated more and more frequently by attacks on the symbols of the European Union."

Let's be honest
The real values are economic and are mostly aimed to benefit Germany. Nearly half of Germany's GDP comes from exports. Of these, half are concentrated within the EU. It is no accident that most of the bloc's trade regulations have been driven by Germany and benefit its export model. The European Union is nothing more than a Fourth Reich with good manners.

Freedom? Yes, freedom, unless your opinion diverts from the official narrative and then you will be punished by being called a Nazi or even get fired from work. Even further, more and more opinions that once were acceptable are now considered hate speech and within that framework in Denmark, the UK and Germany several people were either arrested or fined for sharing opinions against the political elite, immigration or Islam. Opposite voices are persecuted by the state.

Democracy? Its definition goes beyond the mere act of voting. Endless attempts to block the financing of right-wing political parties because of their different views, the denial to create coalitions with them, despite being an important force in government (that is the case of AfD in some federal states of Germany), the persecution, doxxing and violence carried out by far-left extremists while the state remains indifferent. Not to mention Brexit's drama and how the EU intends to send a clear message to the rest of the members: do not even dream of leaving us, or you will have a very bad time. At this point they behave as a manipulative love partner engulfed in in jealousy and hate.

Even some of the EU officials have expressed the lack of democratic process within the bloc itself not long ago when Ursula von-den-Leyen was picked as President of the European Commission. Who chose her? Who voted for her?

"The future of Europe can no longer be decided behind closed doors and through secret plots."
González Pons (July, 2019).

Respect for human rights / human dignity? Where is dignity and a basic right for food and protection when you see an increase of 20% of poverty among old people in Germany alone as a result of the lack of attention from the state, which is more concerned in bringing in millions of uneducated and incompatible migrants, who by the way, will work for lower salaries?

Everybody laughs at Germans' diversity delusion.

The rule of law? For example when Merkel decided to break the Dublin agreement in 2015 without consulting other EU members? The support and promotion of illegal immigration constitute a European value?

"Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians"
Jean-Claude Juncker (August, 2016 at the European Forum Alpbach in Austria).

"Bundesrat will Ver­un­glimp­fung der EU bestrafen" (Legal Tribune Online, 20-09-2019)

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