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White men are the biggest threat to our nations' well-being

Written by John (the other John).

Amongst the multiple mandates that a government has on behalf of its people, the most important duty is to protect its people from harm (by any means necessary). Globally and historically, nations and civilizations had fallen when their external and/or internal enemies defeated the government and massacred its people. So for that reason, national defense and local security had become paramount for a well-functioning society. But what can the people do when a government is negligent in properly protecting its people? More significantly, what can the people do when the government intentionally refuses to properly protect its people?

“Nonsense”, is our first instinct to say regarding that assertion about our governments and politicians. After all, our politicians are either elected OR are hereditary OR are dictators; they must care about the people and the country. Despite how brutal they may be, even if they hate the people, they certainly would at minimum protect their country and their wealth. Right? Whether it’s China (under Xi Jinping) or Zimbabwe (under Robert Mugabe when alive), as brutal as they are/were with the population, they always protect(ed) their own nation. So who would possibly act counter to their people AND counter to the best interest of their nation? Answer: White Men. This is a multi-prong analysis, so we will first discuss those who act intentionally, and then those who act negligently.

First, those who act intentionally. If you look around the globe, the only nations in which a significant portion of the population (perhaps even the majority in some nations) who experience national self-hatred are in the West. (You do not find this phenomena in great numbers in non-Western nations such as those in Asia, Africa, South America). So by these other nations experiencing national pride, the people thus mostly share a common-bond for patriotism (of course this is not absolute to all people). In the West, however, we are taught to hate our countries, our history, our culture, our religion, our people, and ourselves; this unnatural behaviour results in the desire to commit national-suicide, thus those people not only ignore “clear and present dangers”, but they actually invite danger and dangerous people into our nations.

For instance, there are two well-known ideologies that seek to destroy us; one of them is 1,400 years old, and the other is about 150 years old (in which the majority of its literature is about 100 years old or less). Both of the writings of these ideologies specifically state their intention to kill us; that is not subject to debate or dispute. Despite that, these dangerous people are not only tolerated, but one of these groups is shipped into our nations as somehow being a “strength’ for the dieversity that they infect us with, and the other ideology actually controls our media, our academia, and our governments. The people within our governments who intentionally allow this to occur are white-men (the jury is still deliberating on Merkel’s gender).

Second, we have those who act negligently in the journey to destroy our nations. This group of  people have a strong Christian belief (which is a good thing), but they are blinded by the strict text of the New Testament in which we are taught to “Love Thy Neighbor” (Matthew 22:39) and to “Turn the Other Cheek” (Matthew 5:39). With this belief system, these people have tunnel-vision and lack full context by them refusing to acknowledge the peril that other people can do upon us (obviously, these people have either never read Revelations, or if they have read it they are in denial of the deviousness of Satan by taking the form of human).

There is nothing more pathetic than our leaders being told directly by our enemies that their sole mission is to destroy us, yet our leaders overlook this out of either intent or malpractice. And who are our leaders? White Men; the biggest threat to our nations and to our people.

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