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Big-Tech’s Biggest Crime: Enabling “White Supremacy”?

Written by John (the other John).

We are told daily by our enlightened and progressive politicians that the biggest threat to this planet are “white people”. As such, white-people must either be made “woke” OR they must be silenced (by any means necessary). But when big-tech gives “unwoke” white-people a forum to discuss “white” issues and concerns (whatever the heck that may be), then our pols argue that big-tech must be regulated to censor so-called white-supremacy.

The question is, are these progressive Leftists legitimately concerned about unwoken white-people being the biggest threat to humanity (thereby making these Leftists outright loons or racists), OR, are they merely creating a distraction so to enable some other nefarious activity which they support? (See below link to BBC story of how big-tech enables slave traders to sell women and children into slavery).

The biggest historical crimes in the 100,000 year human history were genocide and slavery; and in the preceding 200 years, Leftists and Socialists have been the perpetrators of both. But more on point, all forms of criminal acts occur with the aid of big-tech (ex. terrorism, drug transactions, human trafficking, rape, slavery, etc…), but these acts do not create the necessity of regulating big-tech. But they are not problems; the problem is phantom white-supremacy!

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