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German feminist Alice Schwarzer accused of being Islamophobic

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The student body of the Vienna University of Applied Arts (hufak) protests against an invitation of the German journalist and feminist Alice Schwarzer. Schwarzer was invited by a dean to a panel discussion followed by a discussion on the 25th of November.

In a statement, the student body explained in an initial statement that the founder and editor of the women’s magazine “Emma” was spreading her anti-Muslim racism “under the guise of feminism”. Schwarzer’s views would be “outdated and unacceptable”, according to the students. In addition, the hufak criticises an incident at the Goethe University in Frankfurt in May this year where there was a violent clash between the women’s rights activist and a Muslim protester.

On a video you could see a woman with a headscarf yelling at Schwarzer that she should not touch her: “Don’t touch me! Otherwise I’ll report you to the police”, whereupon Schwarzer provocatively replies: “I thought only men were not allowed to touch you”.

The students of the Applied Arts University now demand from their university a “clear position against people who constantly express themselves in a racist, transphobic and sex-work hostile manner”.At the request of the newspaper Heute, the University of Applied Arts announced that it had already held a clarifying discussion with the student representatives. The criticism of the hufak was taken note of. However, it was clear from the outset that the lecture would not be cancelled under any circumstances, precisely because Schwarzer was controversial with some students. The university says: “Debates are also important”.


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