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Holocaust statements: Extinction Rebellion minimizes the anti-Semitic genocide

BERLIN. The German branch of the radical climate protection organization "Extinction Rebellion" (XR) has condemned the statements of co-founder Roger Hallam on the Holocaust. "We firmly distance ourselves from Roger Hallam's belittling and relativizing remarks on the Holocaust. It violates the principles of XR, which do not tolerate anti-Semitism, and is no longer welcome at XR Germany," it says in a statement on Twitter.

Hallam had said, "Genocide has always happened in the past 500 years. To be honest, one could say: This is almost a normal event." He knew that in Germany there was the conviction that the Holocaust was unique. "But I do not agree, with all due respect." For him it was just "another fuckery in human history."

German culture was traumatized by the Holocaust, says Hallam. The extent of this trauma could paralyze. "That prevents you from learning."

Laschet calls statements "unacceptable"
The Greens then want to distance themselves from Hallam. Deputy Federal Chair Ricarda Lang wrote on Twitter that the British could not be a point of reference for anyone who campaigns for an emancipatory climate policy. Her colleague Volker Beck complained that Hallam brought the climate movement into disrepute.

North Rhine-Westphalia's prime minister Armin Laschet (CDU) called the statements "unacceptable". It is "Extinction Rebellion" supposedly for climate protection.

At the beginning of October, XT had blocked roads in Berlin for a week to alert the population about climate change. The actions were part of a worldwide campaign. Former Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete appeared as a speaker during the climate protests.

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