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The Climate Movement’s War On Basic Human Rights

The speech at the United Nations by Greta Thunberg was not written by Thunberg, and that was not a mistake. It was the opening shot in the next phase of the basis and intent of the climate change movement…the tyrannical control of citizens by a Leftist government.

That speech had to be cleared with the dark money controllers of the fake climate movement. And it was a sort of declaration of war.

Instead of Greta patting world leaders on the head for their 20 years of climate activism, she slapped them across the face. They aren’t doing enough.

She repeated this slap across the face with Justin Trudeau in her conversation with him. And he didn’t like it.

Thunberg is the new face of the climate fraud movement. And that face has changed from a serious but somehow charming school girl to a tyrannical overlord.

Here are some examples in addition to the UN speech:

In one of the freest societies on earth, some Israelis have heeded the call and have resorted to Greta Shaming in offices, teacher’s coffee rooms, and cafeterias throughout the country.

Apparently, plastic spoons are now a grave danger to the planet. And Greta, or rather the dark forces behind her, are telling us what we can use to drink coffee and what we can’t…

As if this isn’t enough, in San Francisco, a gigantic spray-painted mural of Greta scowling, overlooks the city. Reminding us of global warming sins.

The absurdity of all this is demonstrated, for example, by the “artist” having used about 1,200 spray paint cans to make this monstrosity of a wall siding.

Polluting the air with the spray paint (the artist had to wear breathing protection) and the planet with the metal cans (which are not recyclable).

In the typical way of climate warriors never having to say they are sorry, the project’s sponsors brushed off the empty spray can problem by letting us know the cans will be used to make a “climate sculpture.”

From the beginning, the so-called “global warming” and “climate change” movement was never about climate. It’s about control.


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