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Merkel: freedom of speech is not in danger

BERLIN. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has rejected concerns about a restriction of freedom of speech as unfounded. It is a distortion when "a so-called mainstream sets limits to freedom of speech. That's just not true, "she told Der Spiegel.

She encouraged everyone to speak his or her opinion, emphasized the Christian Democrat. But then you have to face the consequences. "This is part of democracy." In this context, she pointed out that also the AfD founder Bernd Lucke must be able to hold his lectures at the University of Hamburg. "The state must enforce this." After interruptions by left-wing extremists Lucke could hold his lecture last week only under police protection.

With regard to the electoral successes of the AfD in the East German states 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Chancellor warned: "Even if one is not satisfied with public transport, medical care, state action or one's own life, no right ensues hatred and contempt for other people or even violence. There can be no tolerance for such behavior."

Merkel expressed her lack of understanding when West Germans in the East critize the Federal Republic. "What in my view does not work: If people with West German biography go to the East and claim that our state is actually not much better than the GDR. You have to fight against that."

Junge Freiheit

Merkel always speak in a rather weird way. What she usually has to say is a long, twisted gibberish rather difficult to translate, and some of her expressions make no sense. For instance, when she claims that people hate others due to public transport, medical care or their personal lives, that's completely false and a clear distraction from the real concerns in Germany.

Most of Germans are tired of the open-border policy, that deported criminals keep returning, that the left wants to bring ISIS fighters as "refugees". People complain against the Islamization of the country and that old people and Germans in general are being left behind. Those are the complaints, and not the stupidity Merkel talks about.

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