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SPD politician wants AfD to be reviewed by the Constitutional Court

Another attack against AfD, another antidemocratic move by left-wing politicians in Germany who ignore people's voice. This will only lead to a further escalation of violence in the country, something that seems to be sought after, by the SPD and the Greens.

The SPD Bundestag member Johannes Kahrs has spoken out to check whether the AfD is anti-constitutional. He called on all parties in the Bundestag to "apply a request, so that the Federal Constitutional Court talks about whether the AfD is constitutionally or not," he told Bild newspaper.

Based on a quote from the SPD politician Kurt Schumacher on the NSDAP, Kahrs said: "The AfD is a club about the time someone said in the early 30s: 'This is the permanent appeal to the inner bastard'.

Kahrs was pleased to see that "now in the 2020 budget we will do a great deal, we will decide on many new constitutional protection agencies that will be used in the fight against the right and to get things under control".

Against the background of new death threats against leading Green politicians, the Social Democrat stressed that AfD was responsible for the brutalization of society. It infuriated him that the party split the country.

Already in October last year Kahrs had pleaded for an AfD ban. He was in the past with verbal attacks on their deputies. So he had called in September 2018 the deputies of the AfD in the Bundestag: "Hate makes you ugly, look yourself in the mirror."

This is the level of political debate in Germany.

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