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Americanization of Europe; Must be Condemned and Reversed

Written by John (the other John).

If you ever walked down a Paris street, you would see that it is littered with American chain stores selling their products to the French and to tourists alike. With this, the streets that were once selling fine luxurious products are now selling this cheap American foreign junk and crap American food which cuisine is not fit for a rodent). This Americanization of Paris has changed the face of Paris relative to what it once was.

But it wasn’t bad enough that this transformation occurred in Paris, but this Americanization spread to other parts of France and to other parts of Europe. Some cities and neighborhoods in Europe (ex., London, Berlin, Marseilles, Barcelona) are absolutely unrecognizable with this American infiltration of anything Europe. Like a bunch of leaches, the Americans invaded European cities and transformed them into something out of the Twilight Zone, filled with American zombies walking the streets just taking anything they want as some form of entitlement.

That being said, I am sure that every progressive and enlightened person will join me in condemning this Americanization of Europe, and that we initiate a policy of reversing this Americanization of Europe by expelling all-things American.

So now that you read this and I have the support of all Leftists globally, let us now delete the words “American” and “Americanization”, and replace them with another word. Will the enlightened progressives still agree with me?

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