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Greens politician wants to take thousands of migrants to Germany

FRANKFURT / MAIN. Greens co-chair Robert Habeck has appealed to the government to have thousands of immigrants from camps brought to Germany from the Greek islands. The Federal Republic could help even without the participation of the other EU member states. In an interview with FAS , he called for a large-scale migrant transfer from the islands off the Turkish coast. "Get the kids out first," he told the newspaper on Sunday 22.

Fast help is a "commandment of humanity", because among the 4,000 children on the Greek Mediterranean islands are "many girls, many fragile little people". In view of the alleged need in the camps for migrants, Greens Leader Habeck declined to set a maximum limit for the number of refugees that Berlin should take over.

States of Berlin and Thuringia ready for admission
In any case, Germany would have to act if other EU countries did not want to participate in the distribution of migrants: "It is a pull and never everyone."

The red-red-green ruled states of Berlin and Thuringia have already agreed to accept migrants from Greece. The green coalition partner in the state government of Baden-Württemberg and the Lower Saxony SPD interior minister Boris Pistorius would also be ready.

Two thirds from Afghanistan and Pakistan
According to the Greek government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, almost two thirds of the migrants came from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and around 11 percent were refugees from different Syrian provinces. Only on Thursday there were riots on Samos. 300 foreigners rampaged out of rage for not being brought to mainland Greece and hurled stones at the police, who have had to defend themselves with tear gas from the attackers.

According to Prime Minister Mitsotakis, many of the irregular immigrants were not entitled to protection and asylum and would have to be sent back to Turkey immediately under the EU-Turkey refugee agreement of 2016.

Junge Freiheit had recently reported in a report from the Greek islands ( here and here ) of mass immigration via the Aegean Sea via the Eastern Mediterranean route.

Political child abuse
Nothing can be better used for political agitation and propaganda than children in need. Especially at Christmas. The Green leader Robert Habeck also knows this and demands, in a moral superhero attitude.

It is no coincidence that the mostly Pakistani and Afghan children ended up in Greek camps.

Immigrants in a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos Photo: picture alliance / NurPhoto.

A real hypermoralist
They were brought to Europe by their parents or sent in response to the fatal signal sent out primarily by Germany, where everyone would be welcomed and fully supplied. They are crowding in the camps because Turkey is waving them through to Greece and the Greek government is unable or unwilling to return illegally entered migrants without asylum.

It is therefore clear where a responsible policy should start: put an end to migration incentives, put pressure on countries of origin and transit to prevent migration and take back immigrants, support Greece with border closures and deportations.

But Robert Habeck is a real hypermoralist . He is not concerned with the suffering of children, but with how he can misuse them for his migration policy agenda - everyone should come, no one has to go. He wants to be a moral hero himself, but he wants to impose the follow-up costs on others: first and foremost on German taxpayers, but also on all those European neighbors who resist open barriers in Europe of open borders. They should be overrun by German moral imperialism.

Entry ticket to the German welfare state
Habeck only wants to get them "first". After that, their families and relatives would come. Most of them not only without any asylum claim, but also without any qualifications or suitability for the European labor market. And if word gets around in the countries of origin that children are the best ticket to the German welfare state, thousands of children will soon be thronging the Greek camps again.

In the newspaper and television pictures we see mainly small children on muddy camp streets. We can only speculate how many of the “children” in the Greek migrant camps are already of the best male and knife age and only “lost” their passports. Nobody can therefore seriously estimate the scope of Habeck's blank check.

But Robert Habeck is not interested in the financial or social costs of his moral cockiness. They are considerable, but they have to be worn by others, not Habeck himself or the typical green high-income clientele. And if those who are held liable for complaining grumble or swear up, then they are sinister and heartless "racists".

Indecent and irresponsible
And while Habeck is preparing to start the next wave of migrants and put pressure on them to take care for them, local children have to return to decaying and dilapidated schools after the holidays, homeless people freeze on the streets, and impoverished pensioners dig through the rubbish for deposit bottles even on the holidays and edible.

Habecks hypermoral and his shameless political child abuse was indecent and unappetizing. Just before Christmas.


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