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Netherlands: Authorities foil jihadi bomb plot

Police in the Netherlands arrested two individuals suspected of planning to carry out a terrorist attack that would’ve used suicide vests and a car bomb, prosecutors have confirmed.

The two suspects, aged 20 and 34, are said to have “intended to commit a jihadist attack” somewhere in the Netherlands by the end of the year. Dutch authorities say that what exactly they were going to target isn’t yet clear, NL Times reports.

Dutch intelligence agency AIVD was the first to find out ab out what the two men were planning to do. After they became aware of the pair, undercover police were ordered to gather evidence about their plans. According to the Public Prosecution Service (OM), the two men are both from Zoetermeer, a city not far from The Hague.

While one of the suspects was taken into police custody on the streets of The Hague, authorities arrested the other at his home. After searching both suspects’ homes, no firearms or explosives were found. However, a throwing ax, dagger, and spare mobile phone were located.

Both suspects are said to have been interrogated by investigators on Tuesday.


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