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The Real Misogynists: Feminists and “Woke” Men

Written by John (the other John).

I recently had a discussion with a person who has been a friend of mine off and on (mostly off) for the preceding 14 years. We were never BFF’s, but we were friendly and cordial, with some big gaps of time of non-communication due to us geographically drifting apart. Despite knowing each other for a long time, we never discussed politics; that is, until that dreaded day of 26 November 2019 when she brought up the topic of Trump. 

When she mentioned Trump, I had no idea whether she was politically active or not (this was never discussed), so I tip-toed with my response to this topic as I know that some people get triggered or red-pilled with the name Trump (sort of like a werewolf with a full moon). Of course I had no reason to believe this about my friend. 

To give some background, my friend had the ability of having men put her on a pedestal (whether being pampered, men opening doors for her, men always agreeing with her; basically, the benefit and privilege of being gorgeous, resulting in a passive superiority complex). I would have no doubt that she never had any guy disagree with her; hence, she likely never had the opportunity to have a real debate on any issue. 

I will not mention the specific discussion we had about Trump, but I am sure you all are aware of how discussions about Trump go (hint, she is anti-Trump, and she likely has never had any male disagree with her, or never had a male not succumb to her charm). It quickly became apparent that she was unaccustomed to debate when she dodged the merit of my argument and instead she shifted the conversation to “anyone who likes Trump must be evil”. (Hmmmm, I never heard that before). Evidently, there is no valid reason to being pro-Trump and/or a Conservative; the only possible explanation is that that person is borne of evil. 

I unfortunately had debates go loopy when dealing with various Leftists, but the twist with her was that she was so accustomed to being treated as a superior by men (for reasons stated above), that evidently her political position was never put into question. She acted mortified that I dared (God forbid) to treat her as an equal and thus attempted to have a rational debate with her. Then to top it all off, she pulled out her verbal whip to beat me down to my inferior status by stating that there was no need for me to “mansplain” to her how she should think. Evidently, having an adverse position is interpreted as not just evil, but also condescending. 

As bad as this went, this was just a discussion amongst (now) former friends. But the larger societal dilemma is how can such females function in the workforce if they are emotionally unprepared to having their positions being challenged without them having a tantrum over what they deem to be a personal attack on righteousness. She had such an expectation to being superior, that being treated with equality was an insult upon all womanhood. (Maybe I should have told her that I identify as female, so I could have evened out the playing field; or better yet, I should have said that I was Muslim, and the prophet Mohammad said she was inferior). 

That being said, misogyny harms females. So who are the true misogynists? In prior years, it was those who treated women as inferior (as opposed to equal). Today, it is those who treat women as equals (instead of untouchable superiors) who are accused of it. But in reality, the true misogynists are those who put females on such a fake pedestal that it results in some females being so unprepared to properly function in society or in the workforce without them being triggered to near violence by anyone with an adverse opinion.1 Additionally, the true misogynists are those who withhold the truth from women, and who pander to them out of fear and/or of lust. And who are the culprits on misogyny? Feminists themselves and “woke” men.

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