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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to Visegrád conference in Prague

Sebastian Kurz is back: in Brussels, he emphasized the protection of the external security and the fight against smugglers - and then met with representatives of the Visegrád countries.

If Ursula von der Leyen, the the President of the European Commission, believed that she could praise Sebastian Kurz for the unchanged old and outdated EU plans, she would not only have overestimated herself, but above all would have underestimated Kurz.

The Austrian chancellor demands that the EU Commission renegotiate the free trade agreement with the South American Mercosur states (the South American economic bloc includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). The way the agreement is now is rejected by Austria and other EU countries.

Kurz knew what to expect in Brussels when he flew there again in the economy class. He therefore made his participation in the Visegrád conference of Poland, the Czech Republic , Slovakia and Hungary in Prague public on Thursday.

"We were pioneers in the migration issue in 2015," emphasized Kurz at the press briefing after the meeting with the head of the commission. "Priority for external border protection" and "fight against smugglers" - he stays with this line. Kurz has made it clear to the foreign media that Austria will not subsequently sign the UN migration pact.

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