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Berlin: the left-wing stronghold from Rigaer Straße 94

The apartment block from above: Left roof: "AHAB" is a tribute to the RAF terrorist Andreas Baader. He had given himself the name in prison, derived from the captain in the book "Moby Dick". Middle roof: "Meat stinks!" Was obviously brushed onto the roof by a radical vegan. Right roof: "ACAB" is the abbreviation for "All Cops are Bastards".

Berlin - YouTuber and ex-federal police officer Nick Hein (35) let a drone fly over the occupied Rigaer Strasse 94 in the district of Friedrichshain. He posted the video recordings on the Internet.

The backyard was not only secured with barbed wire by the residents. In the wall (center of the picture) they have sharp glass fragments embedded

You can see the smeared roofs, from which stones are repeatedly thrown at police officers. The barricaded back yard, the attempt to interview an inhabitant and the entrance to the autonomous pub “Kadterschmiede” can be seen in further sequences.

Bild reached Nick Hein on Sunday afternoon. Why this video? "Because I don't understand the situation around the house," he says. "How is it possible that well-known criminals are sitting in there and that the police have to be regularly attacked on site?" The left-wing extremists should not be afraid of consequences. Nick Hein: "Nothing worth mentioning has happened for years, except that the press and civilians are now also getting into the firing field of the extremists."

The situation in the 200-meter-long section of street between house numbers 90 and 98 is actually controversial: From a response by the Senate's interior administration to the CDU request, it can be seen that 101 crimes have been registered in the vicinity of house number 94 since the beginning of the year. So far there has only been one conviction.

63 investigations were closed this year, mostly because no suspect could be caught. The most common offenses: property damage, theft, fraud, insult, bodily harm, and drug trafficking or possession. Between January 2016 and the end of November 2019, 65 police vehicles were also damaged.

Berlin administration remains indifferent to left-wing violence
On the last night of 2019, extreme left-wing violent criminals set fire to the car of a Bild columnist - for the second time.

Such attacks have become normal in the German capital Berlin. The Berlin government, under its mayor Müller, whom hardly any Berliner recognizes on the street, not only surrendered to certain violence, no, it even seems to tolerate it because it turns against “the right people”.

Home owners are not protected from occupiers, owners of luxury cars are not protected from arsonists, entire districts are not protected from criminals who find refuge in multicultural ideology. And anyone who is politically “right” (not right-wing extremist, but quite legitimate right) is considered to be a victim of any fire in speech and deed.

"What happened to our colleague and is apparently acceptable in Berlin is a foretaste of the political year 2020," wrote Julian Reichelt.

Political views are increasingly becoming ideologies that their supporters consider inviolable. Anyone who disagrees will be put down. Understanding of political violence grows in the respective milieus. On the left and right, radical views are considered legitimate resistance, sometimes against Merkel, sometimes against everything suspected of being "right".

Photo: dpa.

The word "Nazi" sits loosely like a colt in the wild west. Anyone who speaks too clearly about immigrant anti-Semitism from the Arab world is quickly seen as a hater of foreigners and, ironically, as a "Nazi" because he protects himself from Jewish life. Those who live freely and do not want more prohibitions run the risk of being criminalized.

In 2020, it will be more important than ever to campaign for freedom. For the idea that freedom of expression is a gift that we can only preserve and protect by enduring unreasonable demands. And by making it clear at every moment that violence must never be a legitimate part of political debate.

The 1920s urge us to do so, but even in our capital, many politicians still haven't understood that.

"Das Bollwerk der Linkschaoten" (Bild)
"Der Gewalt nicht weichen!" (Bild)

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