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Feminist asks to renounce having children for climate protection

childrenBERLIN. The feminist and author Verena Brunschweiger once again called for children to be avoided for climate protection reasons. “It's nothing less than saving the world, to which everyone should contribute. After all, we are on the brink of ecological collapse, ”said Brunschweiger to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

The population is the driving force. There are simply too many people on earth. The most important contribution that everyone can make to the protection of the environment is "the renunciation of one's own reproduction". But it should not be "that this topic is kept under cover under pro-natalist Germany," complained Brunschweiger

The publicist and former teacher also criticized the "Fridays for Future" movement because they exclude "the most important point" in the debate. “And that is: mainly because of the masses of people that we have such big environmental problems. We are just too many and hardly anyone wants to limit themselves. If we were fewer people and restricted ourselves, we could save something."

"I feel like I was in Saudi Arabia in the 14th century"
You yourself try to make every possible contribution to climate protection. "The most important: I have no child. Then I don't eat meat, I never fly. I share a small car with my husband that I hardly ever use it. Otherwise, I travel a lot on foot or by bike. "

Although she is often not taken seriously as a “child-free” woman and referred to as a spinner, there are also people who find her decision “pretty cool”. They are grateful to her that someone is finally saying out loud what is largely taboo in Germany. “I'm really glad that I was able to help some women and men who consciously do without children. They tried to shame them. I feel like I was in Saudi Arabia in the 14th century."

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