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Germany: CDU and Antifa, together

It has almost gotten used to the fact that SPD politicians sometimes come together with Antifa. Not to mention the barely hidden sympathy in large parts of the left party and the Greens for left-wing extremism. It is hardly surprising that Antifa people defend the WDR (the tv station that called grandmothers environmental pigs) against demonstrators with the battle cry "Alerta, Alerta, Antifascista" .

But the fact that CDU flags are now fluttering cheerfully next to the black and red Antifa flags can still cause a little surprise. This is what happened in Salzgitter. According to a regional portal, about 200 demonstrators met there to hold a "vigil" against a New Year reception of the AfD with its right wing man Andreas Kalbitz.

The author of the portal Regional Salzgitter, Alexander Dontscheff, incidentally, did not find this mixture particularly surprising. "Broad alliance at vigil against AfD New Year reception" was the title used. Under the photo he took with the CDU, Antifa and Die Partei flags, he speaks of a "broad political spectrum". Anyone who still thinks in the photo that some disoriented party member might have gotten lost will be instructed otherwise. “In advance,” Dontscheff informs, “a broad council of SPD, CDU, Bündnis90 / Die Grünen and Die Linke also called for participation in the vigil. It was initiated by the party "Die Partei" and the alliance 'We Are More - Bündnis Salzgitter takes care' ".

The mayor of the district of Salzgitter, Christian Striese (CDU), informed via video message: "We cannot accept that right-wing national forces in the AfD continue to grow and endanger our democracy." There was also applause on Twitter from Strieses party friend Patrick Kunkel, Mayor of Eltville am Rhein and member of the "Union der Mitte". And from Tobias Bringmann, former CDU press officer in Baden-Württemberg, who tweeted that the CDU and Antifa had just learned from history.

Criticism came from WerteUnion, the conservative grassroots movement of the CDU. They said that these groups should rather register and conduct their own demonstrations to show the flag against right-wing extremism. This is the only way to ensure the simultaneous distance to extremists from both sides, according to a press release.

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