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German public broadcaster WDR: "My grandma is an old environmental pig"

The WDR probably wanted to be funny. The song of the Dortmund WDR children's choir should be funny. But as a joke, if it was one, it did not go down well with everyone, so the sender deleted the video of the recording. A new poem is sung from the classic children's song “My grandmother rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop”. The text at WDR reads: "My grandma is an old environmental pig".

In the new original, which you can no longer find in the media library at WDR, but on YouTube on various accounts, reads:

“My grandma drives a motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle in the chicken coop. That's a thousand liters of super every month. My grandma is an old environmental pig ”.

My grandma says motorcycling is cool, is cool, is cool. She uses the thing in a retirement home as a wheelchair. My grandma is an old environmental pig.

My grandma drives an SUV to the doctor, to the doctor, to the doctor. Runs over two opis with a rollator. My grandma is an old environmental pig.

My grandmother fries a pork chop, a pork chop, a pork chop every day. Because discounter meat costs next to nothing. My grandma is an old environmental pig. ”

My grandma is no longer flying, she has been refined, refined, refined. Instead, she now cruises ten times a year. My grandma is not an environmental pig. "

The last sentence of the one and a half minute recording clearly indicates that this is comedy or satire, but could be meant seriously. Because one of the young girls with the voice of Greta Thunberg over it says: "We will not let you get you away with this."

The criticism of viewers that can be found on the Internet is aimed firstly at the text itself, which is seen as a general disparagement, and at the fact that the WDR used children for a political purpose. The broadcaster and the producing channel WDR 2 defended themselves against this accusation in a statement on Facebook.

In this it says: The satire published by WDR 2 at this point "Our grandma rides in the chicken coop motorcycle" triggered very different reactions. In the best case, this is also the sense of a satire, it is not a journalistic commentary, but rather the intensification of a topic (here: the sometimes hysterical climate discussion). However, we are concerned by the accusation that the children involved may have been “instrumentalized”. This is absolutely not the case, but we decided to delete the video because the assumption that WDR 2 had instrumentalized the children of the choir is unbearable for the editorial staff. ”

Reply from WDR journalist: "Not an environmental pig, but a Nazi pig"
Danny Hollek, freelance journalist for WDR and TAZ (a far-left newspaper) wanted his 5 minutes of fame, and justified WDR's video by tweeting the following:
"Let’s talk about the grandparents, those of you who are now upset about #umweltsau [environmental pig]. Your grandma was not a #Umweltsau. Right. But a #Nazisau [Nazi pig]."

After this tweet, WDR wanted to distance itself from the "journalist" by justifying that the message was sent through his personal Twitter account. Do the media use the same standards to criticize other people too?:

"The employee concerned is a freelancer at WDR. He has sent the tweet from his private Twitter account. We distance ourselves entirely from form and content."

After being left aside by WDR, and thousands of messages, Hollek is now regretful of his action. It took him one day to realize of his stupidity.
"Clarification on my own behalf: It was not my intention to offend an entire generation or even a certain population group. If this impression has arisen, I would like to apologize to justified critics. (1/3)"

"I had no intention of insulting anyone personally. My intention was a sarcastic comment on the subject #Umweltsau [Environmental pig], That was rash. I should have been aware that Twitter is not a suitable place for sarcasm. (2/3)"

"But I also want to explicitly exclude those who have been flooding me with threats of violence and death since yesterday. (3/3)"


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