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New Year's Eve in Germany: rescue workers attacked, shots, and sexual harassment

The capital celebrated the turn of the year with great fireworks and many incidents. For the police, fire brigade and paramedics, a state of emergency lasted several hours. Not only because they had to go out for a number of emergencies - they were also attacked. A first assessment.

Attacks on emergency services
► In Alexanderplatz, a man shot police officers with a weapon. First, the man shot several times in the air, the police said via Twitter. When the police officers then approached him, he shot several times at the emergency services. He was arrested. The police reported similar incidents with firearms in districts of Charlottenburg and Schöneberg.

► According to the police, ambulance workers in Mariendorf were also thrown with firecrackers.

► There were also attacks on emergency services in Neukölln. The fire brigade on Twitter: "The previous negative highlight: Neukölln Sanderstraße at 00:50". A vehicle was shot at with fireworks and stones: “Several people try to open the door of the team cabin and fire them with pistols. We are horrified. "

► During an operation in Graefestrasse in Kreuzberg, volunteers from the volunteer fire department were thrown with pyrotechnics and a stone.

► A BVG bus was also shot at in Berlin-Kreuzberg - a windscreen was demolished.

► Unknowns threw guns at Autobahn 100. "There are people on / on the motorway between Oberlandstraße and Tempelhofer Damm," the police tweeted in the evening.

► In Neukölln, young men shot heavy firecrackers across the busy Sonnenallee with a slingshot. Others fired into the air with shotguns.

► In Wedding, several people sprayed irritant gas on the street, in Neukölln garbage cans and burning car tires were thrown onto the street.

Above: Firecrackers and rockets rise into the air on the street at Oberbaumbrücke. Photo: dpa / Paul Zinken.

Throughout the night, the police in the capital were called up several times for firecrackers, assault and other crimes.
"I have NEVER thrown a so-called  firecracker to the police or other people, but soon I may not buy any more [in reference to a fireworks ban proposal by the Berlin administration] and the government wants my passwords too. It's cool where the journey goes..."

Nazi is the one who doesn't consider this an enrichment.

Sexual harassment and injuries through pyrotechnics
► As the police said on Twitter, a woman was sexually harassed at 7:00 p.m. at Alexanderplatz underground station. A 19-year-old suspect was detained by BVG security personnel and handed over to the police. According to the police, four women were harassed during night on Alexanderplatz and on the festival in front of the Brandenburg Gate. A suspect was arrested in all cases.

► In Moabit, a woman was injured in the face by a firework. As the police said on Twitter, the woman heard nothing and suffered minor burns.

The Berlin fire department deployed to almost 800 missions. The planned state of emergency already applied from 7 p.m. due to the large number of missions. Several injuries were reported by pyrotechnics in the area of Tempelhofer Hafen, the fire department said on Twitter.

Leipzig: emergency surgery for police officer
Chaoten rasteten in Connewitz erneut aus. Neun Verdächtige wurden nach dem Angriff vorläufig festgenommen
Nine suspects were temporarily arrested after the attack in Connewitz.

Heavy riots were also registered in the area of Connewitzer Kreuz in Leipzig involving Antifa and other far-left activists. "Around 00:15 am, police officers on Selneckerstrasse and Wiedebachstrasse were massively attacked with stones, bottles and fireworks," said police spokesman Alexander Bertram.

"A group of violent criminals tried to push a burning shopping cart into the middle of a riot police unit and fired massive amounts at them with pyrotechnics," continued Bertram.

A police officer was seriously injured in the attack and lost consciousness. Doctors saved the man's life in the clinic through an emergency operation. The Kripo investigated for attempted manslaughter. Three other police officers were slightly injured in the attack.

However, according to the "social scientist" anf feminist Jutta Ditfurth, it was the police who started the riots:

"New Year's Eve: the police riot in #Connewitz #Leipzig"

Fire at the zoo of Krefeld, almost all animals died
Deutschland Brand in Krefelder Zoo - alle Tiere im Affenhaus tot
A zoo in the German city of Krefeld said "our worst fears have become reality" after a fire destroyed its monkey sanctuary. Police are searching for clues but local media said fireworks could be to blame for the tragedy.

A fire overnight destroyed the monkey sanctuary at the Krefeld Zoo, killing all the animals inside, the zoo said in a statement on Facebook.
"Our worst fears have become reality," the zoo said. "There are no surviving animals in the money sanctuary."

More than 30 animals were killed. A nearby gorilla garden was undamaged.

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