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“Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It; What Two Consenting Adults Do In The Privacy Of Their Home Is Their Own Personal Business,” (as summarized by Jerry Seinfeld).

Written by John (the other John).

“To each his/her own” for any legal activity is a concept that I long respected for other people, even if it  is activity that I would not dare do for various reasons (such as it being abnormal deviant behavior). I respect this right for people to do as they wish in their own home, and that I should not in any way interfere with this right. I believe in this right on both an individual basis and on a public policy basis. That being said, I equally expect to have this right reciprocated to me in my own house; but unfortunately, that is not so.

Basically, the people who demand the above right of privacy for their own personal conduct somehow today feel the need to compel their own lifestyle ideology upon my kids, both in school and on kid’s television programming. I did not consent to my kids being taught this lifestyle, but it is forced upon all kids nowadays. They do this because they now have the backing of academia, media, big-tech, the Judiciary, the Legislatures, etc…as their whipping boys to compel us to comply or be sanctioned/sued/ostracized. With this power of theirs, they in effect are unwantedly and forcibly entering my home and interfering with my efforts to do as I wish in my own home.

It is ironic (but not unexpected) that when these people were powerless, they asked for the right of privacy to do as they wished to do in their own home (in essence, “to each his/her own”), but now that they are in power, they now no longer believe in “to each his/her own”, but instead they believe in “to each as we say”. Despite that, I still believe in all people’s right to do as they wish in their own home, despite them now interfering with my right to do as I want to do in my home.

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