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Chix with Dix: Dealing with People with Mental Illness

Written by John (the other John).

In the alleged free Western nations that we live in, a person can identify as they please (ex., a dog, a carrot, a Martian, a moon beam, different gender, a ghost, a rock star, a vampire, etc…). In other words, a person has the right to be deranged (i.e., freedom of conscience for the insane); however, this right of derangement does not/should not extend to forcing their lunacy upon other unwilling sane people under threat of criminal/civil sanction/penalty (i.e., violation of freedom of conscience to the sane). Moreover, a compassionate society should provide treatment to people with such mental illness (instead of encouraging it).

Today, if a person identifies as (for example) a Martian, an animal, etc…, that person would be deemed insane, and would likely be institutionalized (for which the trend is that this will be considered normal behaviour in due time).1

For this article, the mental derangement that we will discuss is “chix with dix”.2 If a dude wants to dress like a female, date other dudes, pay for their own conversion surgery, etc..., that is their own business (to each his/her own). But one of the societal problems lies when this derangement is forced upon other people (ex., taxpayers/insurance companies to pay for their surgery, sane people being sued/convicted for not recognizing this lunacy, etc...). By the governments encouraging such mental illness to flourish, the person is actually being harmed. Such a person is in need of psychological counseling to help cure their mental illness as they are completely void of reality; the truth cannot take a backseat to insanity. But this harm is not only on the individual level, but the societal level as well. When sane people’s human rights (ex., freedom of conscience/speech/religion) are being prioritized well-below that of the insane, then the most fundamental of human rights is violated.

So not only is it the minority dominating the majority, but worse, it is the mentally insane minority dominating the sane majority. Nothing good can happen at this pace.

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1 In the near future, Conservatives instead will be institutionalized into re-education camps due to their beliefs; simultaneously, gay conversion therapy is being banned.
2 This is not the same thing as being gay in which the person maintains their birth gender.
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