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Chix with Dix: When People With Mental Illness Yell In Your Face

Written by John (the other John).

There has been much discussion in this forum with regards to various forms of deviant behaviour that is dominating the education curriculum and TV programming to our children. And if anyone dares to publicly oppose this deviancy (i.e., express their own freedom of conscience/religion), then they will be violently shouted down by the militant Leftists (unless of course you are Muslim, then the violent Leftists will fear you)1. So the question is, what do we do when we are shouted down by these things/people?

Of the options, none of them are good.
  1. If you fight back physically, you will be outnumbered and physically beaten down (and arrested, whilst the police will overlook their violent masked thugs or dudes in drag; plus, they will become martyrs in their own insane minds).
  2. If you come to the fight with many people of your own, the problem with that is that the Leftists are professional well-financed agitators, so while your people will go to work the next day, the full-time agitators will just catch you off guard by yourself in the future and physically beat you down.
  3. If you come fully armed for the limited purpose of self-defense, then they will become martyrs, and the police will shoot you dead even if you acted in self-defense. Plus, this completely contradicts Christian values of peace; so this is a bad idea.
  4. Hire security; but who has the money to afford this.
  5. Convert to Islam, then you have expert killers on your side for protection.
  6. Surrender.
Any thoughts?

Photo: YouTube.

See example in Birmingham, UK.
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