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Defend freedom of the press

A hideous and vile night of murder is used to silence named journalists and free media. They shouldn't succeed.

A secret service had already read his mind when he was still a baby. He heard "voices" that "click in" with him. That is the perpetrator of Hanau. He is anti-Semitic, racist, anti-American. The background must be fully clarified, connections must be uncovered. Yes, the perpetrator picks up the poison that exists in this society and intensifies its effect, because that is part of the dynamics of this serious mental illness. His murders are cruel, unimaginable, insane. This arouses fears, promotes feelings of revenge, seduces blindly writing. The fact that the perpetrator directed himself is probably the only reason that the cruelest revenge is not called for. But the killer is dead. And now? The mob races and claims victims. It is difficult to curb such emotions and easy to arouse them.

You can't put every word on the gold scales on such days. But it is surprising what the millionaire heir Jakob Augstein wrote.

I am giving it back literally.

 I agree that content from Twitter will be shown to me.

"Name and address." - It is a call to intimidate, harass, attack my family and myself, my colleagues and employees. We're supposed to be silenced by lining up with an insane killer. Just because. Of course, Augstein doesn't say that literally. He is a rogue, has a huge fortune, has bought his own newspaper and appears on public service broadcasts. Others jump up: Jan Böhmermann, behind him the mighty ZDF machinery, which is demanding a fee increase these days. It is the Bundestag Vice President Claudia Roth who, with the force of her office, hits frontally on independent media portals that have a different opinion than the only true one in which she believes she owns, and foamingly denounces other opinions as a "business model of hatred and agitation" , You can see the historical pictures of hunts for dissenters. Augstein, whom the confidants call probably the most powerful anti-Semite in the country, has a tradition in which dull boot wearers stamped the media of those who are superior to them in terms of cleverness and journalistic ethos. Stupidity gives birth to hatred, dullness incites to agitation. Heinous crimes are exploited by Augstein and Böhmermann, the victims of Hanau cannot defend themselves against how they are abused. What they don't know is that the heinousness of the crimes they use like toilet paper falls back on them.

They have dipped their hands in the blood of the murdered and are typing, oh what: The fine gentlemen let others write Twitter for them in their spirit, in the case of Böhmermann co-financed under public law.

You want to silence us

What's your point? You want to silence us. So easy. It bothers them, and they all agree with many government officials that we are critical - justified. That we question what we should swallow without questions. That we defend this country, its fundamental rights, its freedom from ever new demands, from those who are now openly marching beyond the legal barriers. They fear the truth, which they distort and whose authors denounce them, and then of course wash their white hands innocently; you know these characters. They fear any contradiction.

We do not claim to be a fourth power, we do not have the truth. But we are a warning voice; We take this claim seriously and do not let hate and agitation dissuade us from it. You want,

that we stop putting our fingers in the wounds, they want to deepen the division in this country in order to help their personal power and ideology break through. There is nothing decent about this, even if they act like that. Tonight they offered me and my family an escape apartment. I thank you for that, which shows which generous people there are. But I'm even more horrified at how far this country has come. That we should hide from the consequences of an incitement?
Who protects journalists?

Please watch me that I leave my usually cool or often unintentionally ironic tone and slide into the pathetic. Otherwise it is not possible to stand up for freedom. In the future, politicians should be protected from being insulted online. I Agree. But who in Germany still protects journalists from the obligation to deliver uniform porridge that the government likes? Who protects us from the attacks of politicians in their frenzied simplicity, who no longer want to solve the problems, but only want to find black sheep that can make them responsible for their various failures?

I can give you the answer. It consists of three letters. SHE. Do not let the Böhmermanns and Augstein block your mouth. I woo you, even if you disagree. Controversy is what constitutes democracy. The debate was invented to make us all smarter. Anyone who chokes off debate and intimidates critical spirits is an anti-democrat. I invite you to argue with me.

In any case, you should also defend freedom of expression in this country and its free media. Freedom dies not only because of the pressure on it. Freedom dies through silence and cowardice, through adaptation and ducking. We don't allow that.

Tichys Einblick 
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