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Finland’s Oulu city council roasted online for feeble “no-no square” dance to combat migrant rape

A TikTok video designed to raise awareness of sexual abuse in Finland has gone viral and received a lot of attention – but not necessarily for the reasons that they may have anticipated.

A video from the account @sannanopsa, representing the Finnish city of Oulu, was created to raise awareness of child sexual abuse and empowering people to be aware of rape.

The video, in which five representatives do a brief dance to the lyrics, “Stop, don't touch me there. This is my no-no square,” has been ridiculed online for being a weak attempt to deal with a serious issue.

Twitter user Tiina Wiik shared the video, saying:

“My home town has launched a 2,5 million euro project called Safe Oulu that aims at combating the (migrant) rape crisis. This is where the money goes. Kill me now. At least, be kind and lobotomize me so I won't have to live with this image in my head.”

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