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Getting woke at the bookstore in Berlin

Written by Mr. Currywurst.

Last Saturday I visited Dussmann bookstore in Berlin, as I wanted to buy some presents.

I have already observed a brainwashing process, but not to the extent I found last time. So here I decided to share some pictures of children books and from the recommended publications.

Let's start with the recommended books. I went to the politics, history and science sections. However, most of them are about gender, racism, and feminism, see for yourself:

I didn't go to the freak's section. No, that was the politics and science section and those books you see above are the recommendations by Dussmann bookstore in downtown Berlin.

Some of the titles are How to have Feminist Sex, Fruit of Knowledge - the Vulva vs. de Patriarchy, The story of Sex, The Little Book of Queer Icons, Becoming RBG (about Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a modern feminist icon), The Hand Maid's Tale (it includes the themes of subjugated women in a patriarchal society and the various means by which these women resist and attempt to gain individuality and independence), Gender, a Graphic Guide, Queer, a Graphic History, Feminism, a Graphic Guide, Open Borders - The Science and Ethics of Immigration.

These are books for grown-ups, but most of them are full of colorful illustrations as it seems that their readers have a limited attention's span.

Now let's see the recommended bestsellers:

It's not About the Burqa was hilarious. In one part, the author says, and here I'm paraphrasing: "the burqa gives me an identiy, a sense of protection. It allows me to look at the people with a smile, to help the elderly..." I had to laugh with that. A woman wearing a burqa doesn't smile to non-Muslim people, especially not to strange men, or she would be physically punished by her male master at home.

Other titles: Men Explain things to Me, The Lies that Bind - Rethinking Identity, Can we all be Feminists?, A History of the World in 21 Women, The Illustrated Feminist, The Feminism Book, among others.

At this point I went to the politics section, maybe we get some fresh air.... oh no!

Basically it's a left-wing manifesto through titles: most of them about populism, but not the kind of populism we know (Chávez, Maduro, Castro, Perón), but right-wing populism. Anti-Semitism anyone? Of course, from the right-wing haters! Trump? Not a single biography book, all of them against him.

Enough with that, I headed to the multilingual children's books. Ithought maybe that would be my only way out of this mad house. No way, it gets even worse.

Massamba - Le Marchand de Tours Eiffel, about an African illegal migrant selling some garbage in Paris.

Look, poor guy, such a long, illegal trip. In another picture he's behind a fence. Who could have put it there? Damn Europeans!

He managed to get in... and look, he saved a little blond European girl! Massamba you magnificent bastard, you did it! You see bigots? Without illegal economic migrants many blond European girls would die!

Oh, this one is in Spanish La Frontera - El viaje con Papá (the Border, the trip with daddy). Guess what it's all about...

Other titles for kids: Find your Girl Squad, Feminist Flashcards, Little Heroes of Colour, Little Feminist, Fastest Woman on Earth, This Book is Anti-Racist.

That book is one of the worst pieces of garbage I've found. Children are being taught to disrupt, interrupt, calling in and out... that is, turning them into mini Gestapo thugs. Don't we see that already in schools and universities?

I tripped over a coffee table, I need the way out! Wait, the Spanish section. Maybe here I do find some peace...

Titles I found as recommended: Nosotras - Historias de Mujeres (We - Women's History), Feminismo para Principiantes (Feminism for Beginners), Mujeres Errantes (Wandering Women), El Futuro es Femenino (The Future is Feminine), Tsunami - Miradas Feministas (Tsunami - Feminist sights), Mujeres y Poder (Women and Power), among others.

This doesn't mean you can't find the usual books one would expect for children, but they are placed in less relevant places, sometimes the best books even seem to be hidden from your sight.

At this point I saw a woman working as the manager of that area. She seemed to be in charge of a male employee who looked like an undernourished soy boy. He was getting orders, and he's nodding his head like the skinny hungry weasel from an episode of Foghorn Leghorn. It's clear who's behind all this indoctrination at the bookstore.

I left the brainwashing chamber of Dussman and went to Prenzlauer Berg, the district where all the wealthy, anti-white white freaks live (I go there to lift my ego). So there I was, looking for some art book, and I thought I made the right choice with a shop called Modern Graphics, but as soon as I headed to its entrance this is what I found. A poster which says "True fall of the Berlin Wall. Kill borders - Then as Now"

Needless to say I didn't even enter the place.

My shopping spree was a complete failure. I went to a kiosk, last thing of the day, and this is the first magazine I see on the counter....

I hope now some of you can have an idea of why so many kids are completely lost in Germany. The indoctrination comes from all corners of society and it is literally impossible to escape.
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