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Good Sportsmanship: Rest In Peace

Written by John (the other John).

Traditionally when there was a competition (whether in athletics or in democratic elections), there was a winner and there was a loser, and after the competition the two sides shook hands as a sign of good sportsmanship. As logical as this sounds, it appears that this is now a fantasy from a bygone era with respects to democratic elections. There began a trend in the preceding five years that the loser instead of accepting defeat and shaking the hand of the winner, now the losers are in denial of reality and not only deny losing but they actually believe that they won. We now live in an era in which the loser only loses upon his/her consent; and absent this consent by the loser, then the loser is living in the delusion that they somehow won.

Some examples of this include:

  • Brexit
  • Trump’s election victory
  • Scottish failure at independence
  • Trump’s acquittal in the Senate Impeachment trial

In all of the above examples, not only did the losers deny losing, but they honestly (insanely) believe that they won based on some fictional nonexistent rule change that only exists in their own minds. And if that is not enough, they proceed to act violently to promote to their imaginary view of life.

This is just another sign that these people are mentally delusional as to reality, and instead they live in some world of fantasy. Lunatics have existed since the beginning of time and they have been tolerated due to them being a minority in the population, but frighteningly they are slowly inching towards obtaining majority status due to the planned population-swap being orchestrated by our internal enemies.

What do we do then?
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