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If “Obstruction of Congress” is an Impeachable Offense, Then So Should “Obstruction of the President”

In the US, there are three equal branches of government: the Legislature (the House of Representatives and the Senate), the Executive (the President), and the Judiciary. With no one branch being superior to the others, they are thus all equal. To maintain this balance of equality, there exists the concept of “separation of powers” and “checks and balances”. What this means is that each branch is a “check” on the powers of the other branches, hence all things balance equally.

That being said, this current Congress took it upon themselves to be a “check” on President Trump for a policy difference (not a crime), for which the House of Representatives (the House) subpoenaed the President for documents and for testimony by White House officials (which the House referred to this as a “check” on the President). In response, Trump claimed “Executive Privilege” (a right every President since George Washington has claimed) to protect confidential communication with his top staff (which Trump could have referred to this as his “check” on the Congress). In this scenario, the normal process is for the House to take this matter to Court so the Judiciary can rule on this issue (for which this ruling becomes law). But the House skipped this step, and went straight to Impeachment Proceedings alleging “Obstruction of Congress” (a non-crime). And being that the Democrats have a political majority in the House, Trump was impeached for “Obstruction of Congress” (a non-crime).

So if we were to expand this concept of the non-crime of “Obstruction” being a basis for removal from Office, then similarly members of Congress who have done everything possible to obstruct Trump’s agenda should thus also be removed from Office for “Obstruction of the President” (a non-crime). And proving this should be easy due to the ample video footage available of members of Congress stating since prior to Trump’s inauguration that they will “resist” and “obstruct” all of his efforts to pass legislation.

So when members of Congress proclaim that they are a “check” to the President, similarly, Trump is a “check” on Congress.
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